Menstruation with claire, after discontinuation of the drug - especially


The drug drug Klaira is a combined oral contraceptive. Its main task is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The tool compares favorably with its analogues in that it contains a hormonal substance - estradiol, which is close in structure to the hormone produced by the woman’s body. In order for the remedy to be beneficial, it is important to control the dynamics of your periods when taking Klyora.

The composition of contraceptive

One blister contains 28 tablets with five different colors. White tablets are inactive and do not contain the active substance. Tablets of the rest colors are active and contain dienogest and estradiol valerate in various doses. The preparation includes:

  • dark yellow pills. There are only two of them in the package. The dosage of the active substance of estradiol valerate - 3 mg,
  • pink - five pieces in a package, each containing 5 mg of active ingredient valerate extradiol and 2 mg of dienogest,

  • light yellow pills - 17 pieces. They contain the active ingredients of extradiol valerate and dienogest in quantities of 2 and 3 mg, respectively,
  • 2 red pills with extradiol valerate at a dosage of 1 mg,
  • white tablets. Are placebo, do not contain active ingredients. In these tablets is only lactose, magnesium stearate, povidone and starch.

The mechanism of action of the drug

The effect of the drug Clayra is explained by the actions of two hormones - estradiol valerate and dienogest. These active substances inhibit ovulation processes, prevent the formation of the egg. These effects do not allow pregnancy to occur.

In addition to contraceptive action, Clayra reduces the level of blood lost during menstruation by 70%, reduces the duration of bleeding and reduces painful manifestations during this period. Thus, the monthly admission Klaira have a low volume.

Since the volume of blood rejected decreases, the drug prevents the development of anemia of iron deficiency type. The effect of the drug on the likelihood of ovarian cancer, which Claira reduces.

As an estrogen hormone, the drug contains estradiol valerate, which is a natural substance. This is the main difference of the contraceptive in question from other means. Other contraceptives contain most often synthetic estrogen analogs, for example, ethinyl estradiol.

The natural analogue of the hormone in comparison with ethinylestradiol to a much lesser extent, loads the liver, and also has much less effect on blood clotting.

The second component in the contraceptive composition - dienogest belongs to the group of progestogens. This substance causes antiandrogenic effects, manifested in the improvement of hair, skin and nails. But it should be noted that some women, when using Dienogest, note a weakening of sexual desire.

If we compare the effectiveness of a contraceptive by the Pearl index, it is less than one. This index is calculated as the number of pregnancies per hundred women who used a contraceptive for one year. But failure to comply with all mandatory requirements when using the medication (for example, omissions) significantly increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Indications and contraindications for use

The main indication for the use of the drug is contraception. In some cases, Klayra is effectively used as a normalizer of the menstrual cycle or in the treatment of other pathologies of the gynecological sphere. The latter, for example, is endometriosis. But it should be said that this area is not essential for the use of the drug.

With the correct scheme of application of the tool at an early stage of menopause, it becomes possible to prevent many negative effects. This allows you to make this period more relaxed and comfortable for a woman. Since the preparation contains hormonal substances, its effect affects almost all body systems.

This causes a very wide range of contraindications for use of the drug. Do not use the drug if there are any contraindications, as this can cause serious negative consequences. The states below refer to absolute contraindications to the use of contraceptives:

  • history of thrombosis arising in the venous or arterial network,
  • thromboembolism of various types (for example, pulmonary artery),
  • conditions that can be interpreted as precursors of thrombotic changes (for example, ischemia of various types, varicose veins),
  • the presence of risk factors for the formation of thrombosis (arterial or venous). These include, for example, hypertension, prolonged immobility of the limb, pathological changes in the valves of the heart,
  • migraine,
  • focal neurology,
  • the presence of diabetes, burdened with vascular damage,

  • pancreatitis associated with a significant concentration of triglycerides in the bloodstream,
  • severe liver disease. In this case, the contraceptive is recommended to apply after the return of the liver to normal,
  • liver failure,
  • oncological changes in the liver,
  • hormone-dependent oncology (for example, cancer of the mammary glands or genitals),
  • the presence of factors that allow to suspect the development of cancer processes with hormonal dependence in the body. In this case, the use of the drug should be postponed until the full clarification of the health situation,
  • bleeding inside the vagina, with unclear etiology,
  • period of pregnancy, as well as conditions in which there is a suspicion of pregnancy. It is also recommended to postpone the use of funds
  • the presence of individual intolerance or an allergic reaction to the components of Klayra.

These contraindications are absolute. If one or more of these conditions develops during the period of administration of the drug, it is necessary to immediately stop using it.

But the contraceptive also has relative contraindications. If the patient has similar conditions, then use the tool is not prohibited. But admission is possible under the supervision of a physician, who must carefully monitor the dynamics of a woman’s health.

When deciding on the appropriateness of the course of the drug Klayra, you should weigh both its benefits and the possible risks. The potential risk of using a contraceptive with relative contraindications depends on the individual characteristics of the body of a particular woman. Relative contraindications include:

  • factors contributing to the development of thrombosis and thromboembolic changes in the body (overweight, smoking, migraine, hypertension),
  • heart valve irregularities
  • long period of immobility,
  • surgical intervention. Usually, hormonal contraceptive use is recommended to stop several weeks before the operation. In this case, specific prescriptions are given by the attending physician.
  • traumatic effects
  • disturbances in the peripheral circulation caused by diabetes mellitus, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and certain types of anemia),
  • angioedema,
  • all types of pathologies manifested or aggravated against the background of hormonal preparations (gallstone disease, porphyria, otosclerosis, chorea, etc.),
  • postpartum period.

Features of the menstrual cycle

In one package of contraceptive contains 28 tablets. The blister itself contains the Klyrah regimen, which must be strictly followed. One pill is shown per day. The best way to use it is to take a pill at the same time of day. After all 28 pills have been drunk, you need to start receiving another package without a break.

Many women are interested in the question, on which tablet of Klayra do their periods begin. Menstrual bleeding, as a rule, appears during the use of the last pills from the blister. In a much rarer version, bleeding begins with the beginning of the course of the second package of the drug. The next package should be started to drink, regardless of whether the menstrual flow is completed or not.

Thus, the answer to the question of when menstruation should begin when Clayra depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

It happens that a girl drinks to Klayra, but there are no periods, what to do in such cases? Menstrual flow in patients receiving funds usually scarce. If in the period of the usual period of menstruation appears a slight secret of the secret, here we can talk about the norm.

Chances of lack of menstrual flow during the use of white pills are high. In this case, menstruation may appear while taking pills from the second pack. If you follow the correct schedule of the use of the drug (without gaps), do not worry - the probability of getting pregnant is excluded. Here you should finish the course of one package and check the dynamics of menstruation. If the discharge does not appear, then a specialist consultation is necessary.

After the cancellation of the Clyra, the monthly may appear with a delay. At the same time a significant amount of menstruation is not excluded. But for two or three cycles after the cancellation, the body will adjust the ovarian function. The recovery period can be from three weeks to a month.

During the first month after discontinuation of the drug should take care of protection from pregnancy. This is because the cancellation of the contraceptives of the combined property leads to high risk of conception.

Side effects

Depending on the individual characteristics of the woman's body, side effects can be frequent and rare. To frequent negative effects include:

  • headache,
  • abdominal pain,
  • skin rashes,
  • weight gain
  • chest discomfort,
  • nipple pain,
  • failure of menstruation,
  • the occurrence of various bleeding.

There are also rare side effects when taking Klayra. These include:

  • the appearance of thrush,
  • strong appetite
  • depressed
  • depressed mental state
  • decreased libido
  • hypertonic disease,
  • bouts of nausea
  • migraine,

  • loose stools
  • skin condition problems (itching and significant rashes),
  • intrauterine bleeding,
  • pain during intercourse,
  • the appearance of cystic formations in the ovaries,
  • pelvic pain,
  • PMS,
  • insufficient vaginal hydration,
  • frequent irritability,

But there are rare effects that can be triggered by the use of a contraceptive. These negative consequences of experts include:

  • genital herpes,
  • various swelling,
  • elevated triglycerides in the bloodstream,
  • the appearance of aggressive behavior,
  • state of anxiety and anxiety,
  • insomnia,

  • concentration problems
  • hypotension (low pressure),
  • varicose bleeding,
  • hepatic hyperplasia,
  • excessive hairiness
  • discoloration of the skin,
  • seborrheic dermatitis,
  • pain in the sternum and muscles,
  • fast fatiguability,
  • benign cancer processes in the mammary glands,
  • appearance of bleeding during intimacy.

Thus, the contraceptive agent Klayra refers to natural hormonal drugs. It is perfect for women in reproductive age. In addition to contraception, this medicine helps to improve immunity and facilitates the cycle. But like any drug, Clire has its own contraindications. This means that taking this drug should be started only after prior consultation with a doctor.

The composition of the drug Klayra

The tool is made in the form of birth control pills of different colors. In the package there are 28 pieces. Tablets in several colors differ in composition, amount of hormones. Clayra includes hormones dienogest, stradiola valerate.

  • 3 tablets of rich yellow color. Include hormone estradiol valerate in the amount of 3 mg.
  • 5 pink tablets. Each of them contains hormone estradiol valerate - 2 mg, hormone dienogest - 2 mg.
  • 17 pieces of light yellow pills. Each 2 mg of the hormone estradiol valerate, dienogest - 3 mg.
  • 2 red tablets. The active substance is estradiol hormone valerate, dosage of 1 mg.
  • 4 white tablets. These are dummies in which there are no hormones. Only auxiliary components are present.

Tablets of different colors are specially created so that a woman is not confused in the reception, approximately knew the dosage of hormones. White pills are designed to restore hormonal levels. During their admission should begin monthly. After the red pill, the body tries to increase the level of hormones at an accelerated rate, to cause menstruation in the absence of pregnancy. If this effort is not enough, there may be problems with menstruation.

Rules of taking the drug Klayra

To the effect of taking the drug Clayra was maximum, with a minimum number of side effects, you need to do everything according to the rules.

  • If you have not used hormonal contraceptives in the previous monthly cycle, start taking on 1 day of menstruation.
  • When using the tablets in the previous monthly cycle, the Klayra drug is started to be used immediately during the end of the active pills of the previous product. Monthly at the same time will begin only in the next cycle.
  • When using the intrauterine device, it is allowed to start receiving the Clayra on any given day. Remove the spiral, begin packing.
  • After an abortion, Clayra is administered on the day of surgery. After giving birth, the drug is drunk after 4 months.

If you skip the white pill, nothing terrible will happen. It is necessary to continue to take the tool on schedule, and simply throw away the pill. If you get another pill pass, the situation changes. If 12 hours have not passed, you need to drink a pill. With an interval of more than 12 hours should take 2 tablets of the drug Klayra immediately.

The effect of the drug on the female body

The effect of hormones is aimed at blocking the work of the ovaries, preventing the onset of ovulation, changing the concentration of secretions. The contraceptive is highly effective. With the proper use of Clayra, conception cannot occur.

  1. Estradiol Valerate distinguishes the drug from other contraceptives. In terms of its structure, it is closest to natural estrogen. The remaining drugs are satisfied with a synthetic substitute. Estradiol valerate has almost no effect on the rate of blood clotting, does not burden the liver. Due to this, the number of side effects is significantly reduced.
  2. Dienogest - This is a progestogen or progesterone substitute. This hormone is produced in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, contributes to the onset of menstruation.

The combined effect of estradiol valerate, dienogest leads to a decrease in menstrual flow, pain, reduce the duration of menstruation.

Features of menstruation when taking Klaira

During the first 4 months of taking the pills, the menstrual cycle fails. There are highlighting of the character in a different period of the cycle. Some women notice persistent brown discharge throughout the cycle. After drinking the last white pill must begin monthly. Allocation can be abundant or scanty. In the first 4 months of administration, this is considered normal. The organism adapts to new conditions, the reproductive system adapts.

Bleeding can occur due to too small a dose of the hormone. This situation arises if other contraceptives with a higher dosage have been taken before. To regulate the cycle, reduce the discharge of blood, buy another package. Reception are 2 identical tablets at once. Distribute reception for 2 times. They drink the first one in the morning, the second in the evening at about the same time every day.

Instead of the usual menstruation appear spotting. While taking Clyra, it is considered normal. Monthly can not start at all. If the situation is observed at the beginning of the pill, do not worry. Menstruation may be absent while taking white tablets, but will appear at the beginning of a new package. If there is no menstruation, you must continue to drink the pills in the required sequence. In the absence of menstruation in the next cycle, you should seek advice. Enhanced blood secretion, permanent spotting after 3 months of taking Klayra, are regarded as a deviation from the norm. Perhaps the drug should be replaced.

Monthly after cancellation Clyra

During the reception of the contraceptive drug, the work of the ovary was constantly blocked. The body constantly received a load, the reproductive system worked along the “false” path. Dienogest replaced progesterone, menstruation came by certain rules. The female body is an individual system with its own characteristics. Kleir's drug made him work according to the standard. It should take some time to resume normal operation.

According to the manufacturers, the monthly cycle should recover within 1 month. In extreme cases, the second month after the cancellation of funds. In fact, the situation is different. Some women observe a failure of the monthly cycle after Klaira up to 6 months. Sometimes you have to undergo hormone therapy, cause menstruation.

With the onset of menstruation 1 month after Clyra, the nature of menstruation changes. Often it is abundant. In the next cycle, the duration of menstruation, the amount of discharge should be normalized. In general, it will take about 6 months after Clair to resume normal functioning of the body.

Reason to stop taking pills

The deterioration of the general condition of the body is the reason for the withdrawal of the drug Klayra. Especially if it is observed on the background of blood, permanent vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen. Additional side effects that should not be ignored:

  • Severe headache, increased frequency of migraine.
  • The emergence of problems in the digestive tract. Pain in the abdomen.
  • Heart palpitations, angina attacks.
  • Increase or decrease in blood pressure that is not treatable.
  • Liver problems.
  • Formation of ulcerative colitis.
  • Changes in blood counts.

In the presence of papillomavirus in the body, taking Clayra tablets provokes the development of tumors. The risk of cancers on the uterus increases. Abundant menstruation may indicate serious problems in the reproductive system.

Reviews of women taking Clyra

If you have used this drug, leave your feedback in the comments, it will be useful to other users!


“Prescribed the drug after the detection of endometriosis. Saw 2 packs, there were no side effects. My legs ached, but I will not sin on Klayra. 10 days after the start of use was brown daub. Monthly especially was not. This situation did not frighten me. It’s better not to be than to fill! ”


“I accept Clyra for 3 months. There were no side effects. The first month was present daub. I did not have time to finish 2 pills, my period began. Were scarce, different from normal. In the second month everything was normal. Monthly began in the same period. Last 3 days, scanty. Drug liked the action pleased. Chest only increased in size. But for lack, I do not think so. Husband too! "


“For 3 months after Klayra, the monthly cycle has returned to normal. Monthly come by the rules. There is no pain, the mood is not jumping, as before. The drug met my expectations. I do not feel any side effects. Monthly problems are missing! ”

What is a drug

The drug "Klayra" is an oral low-dose combined contraceptive. Single-phase agent is well tolerated by women and contains a different dosage of hormones, which are represented by several types of tablets, differing in color. "Klayra" contains in its composition estrogenic and progestin elements. Also in the package there are a couple of inactive tablets, they allow you to take the tool without a break.

The contraceptive effect is due to the fact that inhibition of ovulation occurs, the thickness of cervical mucus increases, and the sensitivity of the endometrium of the reproductive organ to the blastocyst increases.

But “Klayra”, reviews of women after 40 years of age confirm this, not only acts as a contraceptive, but also reduces the intensity and duration of bleeding from the uterus, reduces unwanted manifestations of premenstrual syndrome and pain during menstruation. Taking a contraceptive reduces the risk of developing some gynecological pathologies and reduces the symptoms of hypertrichosis.

The composition of the drug

The drug is made in pill form, different in color, which allows it to be properly taken on a particular day. The composition of the drug is as follows:

  1. In 1-2 days they drink tablets of saturated yellow color, in which the main substance is estradiol valerate 3 mg and other components: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, povidone-25, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, yellow dye, macrogol 6000, talc.
  2. On the third and on the 7th day, take the pink-tone tablets, which contain two 2 mg of estradiol valerate and dienogest hormones, as well as the same components as in the first case, but the dye is red.
  3. From day 8 to day 24, tablets of a yellowish hue are taken, they contain 2 mg of estradiol valerate and 3 mg of dienogest. Additional components are the same as in the tablets of pink and rich yellow.
  4. Red tablets, which are recommended to be taken on the 25th and 26th day, contain estradiol valerate 1 mg and the same set of additional components.
  5. On the 27th and 28th day, take white tablets, which do not contain the main component, but only auxiliary: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, povidone-25, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, macrogol 6000, talc.

For sale in the form of tablets of different colors contraceptive "Klayra". Full instructions, consultations with a doctor confirm that such a difference in color scheme allows women not to confuse which pill to take on a particular day.

Contraceptive tablets "Klayra": instructions for use

One package of the drug contains a blister with 28 pills that differ in color. Take 1 tablet per day, preferably at the same time. When the package is completely drunk, you need to start the next one without a break.

Menstruation in a woman begins while taking the last pill, in rare cases, bleeding may occur at the time you start taking the next pack. New packaging is opened regardless of whether the menstruation began or not. How to take the drug?

  1. If last month a woman took a different type of contraceptive, then “Klayru” is recommended to start drinking on the first day of menstruation, observing the sequence, it is described in detail on a blister.
  2. If previously used combined contraceptives, such as pills and vaginal ring, the transition to the reception is easy. If oral medications are taken, then after the last pill from the pack, “Clire” is drunk the next day. Reviews of women over 40 say that there is nothing difficult in the transition, there are monthly or none, just a pill is taken. If a vaginal ring was used, then the drug should be taken on the day it was removed.
  3. If a spiral was previously used, then take the contraceptive immediately after removing it. If a woman drank a mini-drank, then Klayru can be taken on any given day. If previously used injections, the transition should be done on the last day of the procedure. When a woman switches from progestogenic contraceptives, then in the first 10 days, in addition to “Clayra,” additional protection is recommended, such as condoms.

Proper intake after labor or termination of pregnancy

After the birth of the baby and only if the woman is not breastfeeding, as well as after a spontaneous abortion that occurred in the second trimester, it is recommended to drink the tablets for 21 or 28 days. If prior to the reception there was contact with the opposite sex, and the beginning of the reception was missed, then it is better to check with the gynecologist before taking contraceptives and to exclude the presence of pregnancy.

Only after that it is allowed to take Klayra contraceptives. Customer reviews say the drug effectively helps protect against unwanted pregnancy, even after an abortion that was performed in the first trimester. It should be taken immediately on the same day when it was held.

How to take the drug if you miss a dose?

If the medication was missed for less than 12 hours, then the effect does not decrease, you need to immediately take a pill and continue taking it as usual.

If the pass is more than 12 hours, then the efficiency decreases to different degrees, it all depends on what phase of the cycle it happened:

  • 1-2 days, when a dark yellow tablet is recommended, you need to take it as soon as you remember, and continue the usual scheme,
  • 3-4 days - a pink pill, you can continue the usual scheme, but for 9 days you need to additionally use other methods of contraception,
  • Day 8-17 - light yellow pill, continue the scheme, use additional methods of protection against pregnancy,
  • 18-24 day, stop taking the pills from the old packaging and start a new one, starting from the first pill, use additional protection for 9 days,
  • 25-26 day - red pills, take as soon as possible, and then follow the instructions, you do not need to use additional protection,
  • 27-28 day - this is a placebo pill, you can continue to receive further.

If, after taking the drug "Clayra", reviews of women after 40 years testify to this, vomiting or diarrhea began within 4 hours, this means that the pill has been missed, you need to use the recommendations described above.

Who is not recommended to take the tool?

Taking a contraceptive is not recommended for women who have the following conditions:

  • sensitivity to the components of the product
  • thrombosis and thromboembolism, which are currently observed, if they were seen earlier, as evidenced by a history record,

  • conditions that increase the risk of blood clots
  • acquired or hereditary predisposition to thrombosis,
  • high risk of venous or arterial thrombosis,
  • migraine,
  • diabetes,
  • pancreatitis,
  • liver failure,
  • neoplasms in the liver,
  • hormone-dependent malignant neoplasms,
  • vaginal bleeding,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding period,
  • special intolerance to lactose.

"Klayra" - reviews of women after 40 years of age: side effects

No matter how good the drug “Klayra” is, it has undesirable manifestations:

  • gagging and nausea,
  • pain in the peritoneum,
  • migraines and severe pain in the head,
  • breast augmentation and discomfort in this area,
  • weight gain
  • fluid accumulation in tissues
  • vaginal candidiasis,
  • violation of the menstrual cycle,
  • depressed
  • blood pressure surges,
  • lack of attraction to the opposite sex,
  • skin reactions: spots, rashes,

  • disruption of the liver,
  • gallstones.

Interaction with other drugs

If you take the contraceptive together with "Phenytoin", "Topiramate", "Felbamate", "Primidon", "Carbamazepine", "Rifampicin", "Ritonavir", then uterine bleeding can occur. The drug can change the effect of taking "Lamotrigina" (a remedy for the treatment of epileptic manifestations) when taken together. Acceptance of a contraceptive may adversely affect some laboratory tests, so you need to be sure to notify the doctor about his admission.

How to finish taking the drug "Clayra"?

You can stop taking contraceptives at any time. If pregnancy is not planned, but there is a desire to replace the remedy, then it is better to consult a doctor. If a decision is made to become pregnant, then after the end of the Clayra intake, the feedback from women and doctors is confirmed, you need to wait until menstruation, and after thinking about conception. Thus, you can even calculate the date of birth of the child.

Women reviews

Most of the women who took "Klayru", reviews of the drug leave positive. It is tolerated by the body well, reliably protects from unwanted pregnancy. The main advantage is a slight bleeding while taking a contraceptive, which allows the woman almost not to feel the onset of menstruation. In addition, in the treatment of endometrium, judging by the reviews of women after 40 years, "Klayra" (moderate cost) gives excellent results.

Doctors claim that the remedy reliably protects women from unwanted pregnancy, few of the patients recommended for it complain that they feel unwell or have difficulty taking it. It is transferred perfectly, reliably protects and does not require the use of additional protection if the reception has not been missed.

You can buy the drug at any pharmacy, it has a long shelf life - 4 years. The cost of packaging in different pharmacies may vary, but still it is quite affordable. The price of the "Klayra", reviews of women after 40 years of age confirm this, ranging from 650 to 1000 rubles.

Take care of your women's health, use reliable contraception to prevent the birth of an unwanted baby or an abortion.