I started my period, and tomorrow is a romantic date.


What do I have for me tomorrow was scheduled sex with a guy who has long promised, and now the tip was decided, and here they are. A whole week earlier. It's just some kind of horror that I do, he called to his home. Go to me or not. I will not go regard it as a refusal, but to say what the reason is not convenient. Or just go for some tea and help.

Knyazeva Tatyana Viktorovna

Psychologist, Practicing Clinical Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru


You can offer him just to go for a walk. Since, as you say, you promised him, it means that you are already fluent on this topic, so tell him that you have monthly periods, and there is nothing terrible or shy about it.

What's the problem? Buy a cake and go to visit. If you have discussed this question, then just say that you have a red calendar day. But you can give a guy a different pleasure. And in a few days everything will be in full.

hmm, and what's the matter with the month and the ROMANTIC date

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and my friend during rum. dating lover declared jokingly, "Tanks are not afraid of dirt." Then, as I think, they, regardless of the red day of the calendar, merged into a single unit :)))

And a head with a mouth on what?

Bliin! :)) Just like I have two years ago. I'm still at the same time cornered for 3000 km for two days MCH, and then such a bummer! Well, what to say. hehe. It did not stop us. I hope you will not stop too. Or let him wait.

I thought at the monthly dolls do not happen.

2, 3, 11 - are you so aggressive? Never in the life of sex, or what? Or ladies from Soviet times? Perhaps they themselves are deprived of sex because of prolonged menopause, and you’re poisonous.

Calendula, menopause can not drag on! it is forever.

but it seems to me to promise and plan sex is somehow not romantic. What is there to advise or that? or not one

Ospad, well, don’t let him know that the holidays have begun. Here's the problem, oh-mine.

This is not just not romantic, it’s generally bueeeeeeeeeeeee))) How cool it is when it breaks off the roof suddenly, and sex happens in a fit of passion, when there is no strength to resist the desire))) It's just *** - promised and he will come for it)) ) Damn, what for in general such sex. As a rule, according to the plan nichert fail.

So I have today. Romantic outlined. and yesterday the CD came. Well, where. They wanted to sit in the restaurant in the evening. but knowing how we are sitting)))))))))) I think that the roof would be demolished. Therefore, she said that she was unwell.

So I imagine a picture of oil: a guy from a neighboring yard found out about a local whore, walks after her begging for sex, finally she was tired of: well, come on Sunday, so I will come to you. Girl, what does it mean promised, do you meet with him, do you have any kind of relationship, or do you promise everyone after the 3rd refusal?

Long promised, a couple of days will tolerate.

wow romance date. )) Now the youth dating date is a fuck. it turns out, and if non-romantic then what is it? ))))))))))))

Watching sex have already begun to schedule. Do you, the author, write these events in a diary like a plan for the week?

just come so sooner, it means it's not yours! maybe you don’t need it. that everything is not being done for the better. By the way, I often had something like it) and I do not regret it. Now I understand that it was not mine!

I had it and not once. You take a tampon to cut the rope and fuck, wear it out. Pull with tweezers or squatting.

Yes, tampon thrust as far as possible. Good and convenient with applicator

Author, you will save a good blowjob and anal sex

Madhouse, people, and if this tampon in her uterus gets so to speak in the process, she then that the uterus cut? In order for some gopher to give pleasure for 10 seconds, she now has to ruin all her health.

Ritka, and you have some kind of nezdovovy interest in topics about monthly :)))

24.25 horror. What nonsense, girls do not listen and do not do it. Correctly Ritka says, you will repent all your life, let it be late. With health, so you can not joke.

But I also do not understand, you can talk about “sex for a long time”, but you can’t talk about critical days?

say so. Romantic date is canceled, I have a monthly. We will meet and fuck in a week, because I just don’t want to waste time on you!

Such a heated discussion, I was shocked that I hadn’t heard. Yesterday met went to a restaurant, it was really romantic. And no sex, I just said that today I can not, but he no longer asked. Kissing under the moon.

Guest 28, and you sit and do not croak, just do not ask. Unhealthy interest is when such stupid advice is asked, such as how to prevent menstruation, otherwise I want to go to sea, and then if I don’t buy for 2-3 days, then I will die. Or like this girl who advises a tampon to put and go. I imagine if this tampon jumps out from there so to speak in the process, here's the guy will be surprised then. For a long time, I think, will discourage him from having sex.

I, too, always like that: they decided to meet and now: it began. But nothing, on the 2nd day we were in the first m. he was even licking everything there for 2 years, and he forgot this first night, which he was tortured at 6 o'clock to work

The author - the monthly - rotten excuse. Men who have read women's forums and other x. neither, already know that at this time everything is possible :)

but what is possible is understandable, just as it is not aesthetically pleasing. the man himself will be pleased)

36, it's better this way than nothing at all :)

35 - something is possible, only the consequences can be for both M (infection) and F (up to endometriosis)

Say it like it is. And if you do not understand, and will insist, chase him to hell.

extra ***** in ***** not to whom and not when did not interfere

Ospad, well, don’t let him know that the holidays have begun. Here's the problem, oh-mine.

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