Vitamins Aevit: instructions for use, analogues and reviews


To look as long as possible young and attractively most of us want. This is especially important for women. Many factors affect our body's condition - from bad habits to unfavorable environments, and, first of all, stress affects the face, where the skin is most affected by physiological changes. That is why it is best to start taking care of the condition of the skin of the face at a young age. It does not require expensive and complex means: Aevit, accessible to all, is an indispensable product that contains vitamins that support the beauty and health not only of the skin, but of the whole body. The special advantages of the “Aevit” product are the price that everyone can afford, and the unusually high efficiency in rejuvenating the body.

What vitamins contain “Aevit”, why does the body need them and how do they act?

The composition of "Aevita"

A special drug makes "Aevit" composition. There are two vitamins in it: A (retinol) and E (tocopherol). The tool is taken as prescribed by a doctor if there is a shortage of these substances in the body. When they are deficient, the skin becomes dry and becomes gray. Vitamin A helps to improve the condition of the skin from the inside, as it normalizes the body as a whole, in particular the digestive system. Vitamin E contributes to the absorption of other elements, including vitamin A.

These substances, of course, are also found in products, but far from always we get good nutrition, in which the body is replenished with a sufficient amount of necessary vitamins, minerals, and so on. All of them in the right amount contains "Aevit".

Action of vitamins

Retinol (retinol palmitate), or vitamin A, is an important component for the restoration of epithelial cells of the skin, which is its rejuvenating effect.

Retinol is also required for normal functioning of the retina and other processes associated with vision, bone growth and fetal development, and is involved in many biochemical processes in the body.

Hypovitaminosis leads to a number of skin abnormalities - dryness, flaking, dermatitis, diaper rash. Lack of vitamin A is also manifested in the so-called "night blindness" - a decrease in vision when going from a bright to a dark place. In children, in addition, a prolonged lack of retinol can lead to a decrease in immunity and in some cases to a delay in mental and physical development.

Tocopherol, or vitamin E, is an antioxidant that prevents the formation in the body of harmful substances that can damage cells and tissues. It is therefore extremely important in the activity of the nervous and muscular system. It also prevents the accumulation of free radicals in the body, prevents the oxygen starvation of tissues, is involved in the synthesis of growth hormones and gonadotropins. Together with selenium it slows down the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, does not allow erythrocytes to break down.

Hypovitaminosis occurs infrequently and is most often associated with impaired absorption and lack of plant foods in the body. With a lack of tocopherol, the skin condition worsens, immunity decreases, and the risk of anemia increases.

Rules of admission "Aevita"

As you can see, the lack of vitamins A and E seriously affects the whole body and negatively affects its condition. And internal problems are always reflected in the appearance - the skin deteriorates, first of all on the face, the nails become brittle, fragile, the hair grows poorly, becomes weak, dull, falls out. "Aevit" is designed to restore the balance of vitamins in the body, so it often becomes a real salvation for the leaving beauty and freshness, provided it is used in accordance with the instructions.

"Aevit" is taken both orally - in the form of capsules, and intramuscularly - in the form of injections. Capsules are taken one per day, regardless of the meal, injections - 1 ml per day. The course of treatment is from 20 to 40 days, then it is necessary to take a break for 3-6 months, after which it is possible to repeat the course. To avoid the development of hypervitaminosis, do not exceed the recommended dosage or continue the course of treatment longer than the specified period, taking vitamins "Aevit".

Indications for use

First of all, the drug is prescribed to those who suffer from a lack of vitamins A and E.

In some cases, the body needs increased intake of retinol and tocopherol. Sometimes they enter the body in smaller quantities than necessary. This is offset by the intake of the drug "Aevit", for which they take orally up to 2 capsules 3 times a day:

  • after removal of the stomach,
  • with diarrhea,
  • with liver disease,
  • in case of eye diseases, including “night blindness”,
  • with narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels in the limbs.

"Aevit" must be taken if you are an experienced smoker, if you lose weight quickly (and this led to a violation of certain body functions), during prolonged stress. In addition, the body requires vitamins contained in the Aevit preparation, which are taken together with iron supplements.

"Aevit" for skin beauty

The drug actively improves the metabolism, as a result of which the vast majority of skin problems are eliminated: inflammation, ulcers and acne are significantly reduced, dryness and flaking are lost. But especially favorably, Aevit acts on wrinkles: after several courses of treatment, they become less pronounced, the skin acquires elasticity, and the relief improves.

Vitamin "Aevit" for the skin can be used both internally and externally - in the form of masks, lotion or added to the cream that you use. This is another option for taking Aevit vitamins in capsules. The manual does not contain information about outdoor use. But usually (as recommended by experts) enough content 1-2 capsules to wipe the face or add to the cosmetic. It is possible to use the drug in this way for no longer than a month, then as a result of the habituation of the skin, the effectiveness will decrease.

"Aevit" for hair

If your hair is fragile, dull, greasy, fall out, then “Aevit” is an ambulance for your hair! It is also indispensable for some diseases of the scalp. The manual does not say anything about this positive property of the drug, but it has been proven (confirmed by practice) that regular intake of "Aevita" not only supports the health of the body, but also actively affects the condition of the hair.

Take the drug should be in accordance with the instructions, in extreme cases - in consultation with the doctor - to increase the dosage to 2 capsules 2-3 times a day. Tocopherol and retinol in the complex help to restore skin elasticity and tissue regeneration functions, the roots become stronger, as a result, the hair grows faster and becomes healthier.

"Aevit" can also be used as a mask - when applied, vitamins penetrate directly into the scalp, accelerating and enhancing the effect. To see the immediate result - shiny and elastic curls, use the vitamins contained in the Aevit preparation, for which they are added to the shampoo before washing your hair. The disadvantage of this method is that the problem with the broken ends is not solved.

It is also useful to rub the contents of one or two capsules into the scalp at night and rinse off in the morning with a detergent for hair. Within a month, you will notice how much the state of your hair has improved, how voluminous and voluptuous hair has become.


Since "Aevit" refers to medical preparations, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using it inside or intramuscularly. Like any drug, "Aevit" has a number of contraindications, which in no case can not be ignored.

First of all, this is undoubtedly the already existing hypervitaminosis. In addition, "Aevit" can not be used in diseases such as thyrotoxicosis, glomerulonephritis, renal failure, in some other kidney diseases, as well as cholecystitis, gallstone disease, hypoprothrombinemia.

Contraindications for taking the drug is alcoholism.

Contraindications also include:

  • cardiovascular failure
  • coronary heart disease,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • pyelonephritis.

It is necessary to refuse to take the drug for those who have hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to the components. In this case, outwardly, using "Aevit" is also impossible.

The drug is not recommended for children under 14 years of age, people in old age, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

"Aevit" for pregnant women

According to the latest scientific data, “Aevit”, previously actively prescribed to expectant mothers, can be dangerous during pregnancy. Previously it was believed that the drug improves the possibility of conception and prevents early miscarriages. But now it turned out that the content of vitamins in the preparation is higher than the normal during pregnancy. And if you exceed the permissible dose of retinol can lead to pathologies of intrauterine development, tocopherol causes complications of pregnancy and provokes late toxicosis.

For the same reason, it is unacceptable to take in vitamins "Aevit" in childhood. For children, however, including for the normal development of the fetus, both vitamins contained in the preparation are required, because their deficiency also leads to problems in the development of the organism. To get out of this vicious circle, during pregnancy and children are encouraged to receive them from food. Many foods are rich in retinol: greens, vegetables, such as carrots, dairy products, tocopherol in large quantities is present in vegetable oil, potatoes, cucumbers and a number of other products.

If “Aevit” was prescribed before pregnancy, then during its planning it is better to cancel the drug, since retinol accumulates in the liver and is eliminated from the body within a few months, and this process does not accelerate even the cleansing of the liver.

If the beginning of pregnancy coincided with the intake of this drug, it is necessary to neutralize its action and reduce the risk of pathologies that Aevit entails, for which they take folic acid in high to the maximum dose (up to 5 mg per day). In the absence of contraindications should also be taken "Jodomarin". In addition, compulsory ultrasound and screening are recommended.

Side effects

Taking "Aevita" as a sufficiently strong and effective drug may be accompanied by side effects, such as allergic reactions, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. With prolonged use of higher doses, cholelithiasis or pancreatitis may develop.

Hypervitaminosis is another side effect of a drug like Aevit. The composition of vitamins in it and the dose are chosen in such a way as to most effectively interact with the body. Overdosing does not give the best result, but it can harm health, sometimes significantly.

With an excess of vitamin A may be lethargy, drowsiness, the patient may complain of headache, dizziness, nausea. Sometimes there is irritability, irritability. Among the negative effects of an overdose of retinol are bleeding gums, dry mouth, peeling lips and palms. If there is a vitamin intoxication, then there are complaints of bone pain, vomiting, hyperthermia, increased intraocular pressure, hypertension, severe headache, epigastric pain and other symptoms.

Hypervitaminosis E is rare, most often its symptoms are minor, but if it is taken for a long time at a dose of more than 400 units / day, complaints may appear about blurry vision, headaches and dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, pain in the stomach, more than 800 units / day. - possible thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, sepsis and other serious pathologies.

Treatment of adverse events is the abolition of the drug and symptomatic therapy.

Interaction with other drugs

"Aevit" is often taken for various reasons along with other drugs. First of all, you must inform the doctor about what medicines you are already taking. Interaction with some reduces the effectiveness of "Aevita" or the drug taken with it, or even leads to unpleasant consequences. But some, on the contrary, act more productively under the influence that vitamins contained in the Aevit preparation have, for which they can be prescribed together by a doctor.

Various mineral oils, "Kolestipol", "Kolestiramin" reduce the absorption of retinol and tocopherol.

Oral contraceptives contribute to the accumulation of vitamins in the plasma.

With a joint reception of "Aevita" and drugs tetracycline group increases the possibility of increasing intracranial pressure.

Tocopherol enhances the action of antioxidants, vitamins A and D, cardiac glycosides, reduces their toxicity, but increases the risk of vitamin A deficiency when the dosage is exceeded.

High doses of iron and iron-containing products increase the oxidation processes, resulting in an increase in the body's need for vitamin E.

Real salvation for skin, hair, nails is the drug "Aevit". Its price is low, an average of about 40 rubles per pack of 10 capsules and a little over a hundred rubles per pack of 30 capsules. It is sold in any pharmacy without a prescription.

"Aevit" has a rejuvenating effect on the body as a whole, and as a result of the improvement of the internal state, positive external changes will not take long to wait.

However, "Aevit" is not a preventive, but a curative, so self-treatment can lead to dangerous consequences. To avoid hypervitaminosis, it should be used only after consulting a doctor in a strictly prescribed dosage.

You can also try cosmetics, in which “Aevit” is added in a factory way, for example, creams, hygienic lipsticks and so on. And then the effect of the use of this drug will definitely make you happy!

Instructions for use Aevit dosage

Capsules are ingested after a meal, washed down with clean water.

The standard dosage of vitamins Aevit according to the instructions - 1 capsule per day daily. The course of treatment is 20-40 days.

After a break of 3-6 months, the course can be repeated.

Ampoules Aevit

Vitamins in ampoules are used for intramuscular injections. Aevit is prescribed 1 ml once a day, a course of 20 days. Before the injection, the ampoule must be heated to body temperature.

With endarteritis and trophic disorders, the course of vitamins lasts 30-40 days. After 4-6 months break it can be repeated.

Analogs Aevit, price in pharmacies

If necessary, it is possible to replace Aevit's vitamins with an analogue for the active substance - these are drugs:

Choosing analogues it is important to understand that the instructions for use of Aevit, the price and reviews of drugs of similar action do not apply. It is important to consult a doctor and not to make an independent replacement of the drug.

Price in Russian pharmacies: Aevit capsules 200mg. 10 pieces. - from 30 to 37 rubles, 20 capsules - from 33 to 60 rubles, according to 792 pharmacies.

Store in a dry, protected from light, out of reach of children at room temperature. The shelf life of the capsules is 2 years, the solution for intramuscular administration is 3 years.

Drug interactions

The drug is not prescribed simultaneously with other drugs containing vitamin A, as well as its synthetic analogues.

With the simultaneous use of the drug with estrogen, there is an increased risk of hypervitaminosis A, therefore, it is undesirable to administer Aevit to patients taking estrogens.

Nitrates and colestyramine, while being used with vitamins Aevit, interfere with the absorption of retinol palmitate.

Retinol palmitate when combined with glucocorticosteroids reduces their anti-inflammatory effect.

Composition and useful properties

The product contains fat-soluble vitamin A (or in other words, retinol), as well as vitamin E (or tocopherol). Are you interested in how useful Aevit is? It is indicated for health benefits when:

  • liver ailments
  • reduced immunity
  • prolonged stress
  • trophic disorders
  • diseases of the digestive tract,
  • infectious diseases,
  • addiction to tobacco, drugs or alcohol,
  • atherosclerotic changes in the vessels.

Many will be interested in, why take "Aevit" yet. The drug is recommended for the treatment of dermatological ailments, namely with:

What else is “Aevit” used for? It helps to fight acne, wrinkles, corrects and improves the appearance of nails and hair.

Eye benefits

It is worth noting that vitamins are extremely useful for the visual system. "Aevit" for the eyes is suitable as the prevention of ailments, as well as for the treatment of certain diseases associated with a decrease in the functional capabilities of vision. Take vitamins will require courses for at least one month. В частности, средство поможет справиться с:

  • атрофией зрительного нерва,
  • поражением роговицы,
  • сухостью конъюнктивы и роговицы глаз,
  • weak eyesight in the dark, this is also called hemirolopia,
  • hereditary pathologies in the retina.

Vitamins are very good and effective. However, do not forget that you will definitely need to read the instructions for use of the capsules "Aevit", also explore the contraindications and possible complications. It is necessary that you protect yourself.

How exactly do vitamins affect the body?

We already know what “Aevit” is for, but have not yet fully understood how exactly the drug affects the body.

Enhancement of immunity is due to the presence of vitamin A, in addition, this component is further involved in establishing the proper operation of the endocrine glands, as well as in the development of visual functions.

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that allows you to quickly and simply remove toxins from the body. This vitamin is also actively used in the cosmetic industry: it smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes the skin.

Interesting fact: glut of vitamins is dangerous to health, it will bring only a negative impact on the organs and functional capabilities of the body.

Are vitamins suitable for children?

"Aevit" can be taken orally also to children who are already fourteen years old. If you use a multivitamin complex externally, then there are no restrictions. The oil solution of the drug is suitable for treating wounds, burns and for quick healing of cuts. This complex is also recommended to give to adolescents, because the tool will help to overcome acne, acne, and for many young men and women this is a real problem.

The use of "Aevita" is shown to women who want to restore their beauty, shine and health to their fading skin. The complex will help to restore a healthy look to nails and hair, and also it will solve some problems of gynecological etymology.

Are vitamins suitable for men?

And why take "Aevit"? It is recommended for men, especially if there are problems for a married couple with conceiving a child. The drug, increasing immunity, will also contribute to the activity of sperm. Even studies have been conducted that confirmed the improvement in sperm quality in those men who took this multivitamin complex.

Price policy

The cost of this complex is very democratic - 120-140 rubles, it all depends on the manufacturer and on the number of capsules in the package. In any case, this is a small amount of money for an effective product.

Reviews of "Liberiderm Aevit" are mostly positive. The girls who completed the course of treatment with this remedy noted that their state of health improved significantly, stable remission was achieved, and some even had chronic diseases or they began to manifest themselves not so sharply.

Many people have noted that improvements begin on the fourth or fifth day after the start of therapy. Many girls used "Aevit" for the face, while they also left positive feedback, because the tool showed itself perfectly in action.

Form of issue funds

We have learned what “Aevit” is used for; now it is worth knowing in what forms it is produced. There are two forms of the presented agent:

  • in yellow coated capsules (there are packs of ten, twenty, thirty and fifty pieces),
  • in ampoules for injection (in one ampoule contains about a milliliter of composition, there are always ten ampoules in a package).

What can you learn from the instructions for the capsules "Aevit"? They are used orally, no need to chew, but just drink a glass of water. For preventive measures, take a capsule daily before or after meals. The preventive course is thirty days. "Aevit" in capsules, as you can see, is very simple to take. Not long ago, the cream "Aevit" appeared, which effectively affects the skin.

Cream "Aevit"

In capsules and ampoules "Aevita" the application is rather wide, but they have not yet spoken about the cream. Many people are interested in what is the use of multivitamin cream and how to apply the remedy correctly. Ointment with vitamins will not only moisturize the skin, but it will also deliver the cells they need retinol and alpha-tocopherol, in other words, substances that are necessary for the youth of the skin and its healthy appearance. This is the main feature of this cream!

However, the use of "Aevit" around the eyes and in other areas of the skin throughout the year, doctors do not recommend. Then the question arises, how long is it allowed to use such a cream. We know why they take “Aevit” in the form of a cream, but it is allowed to do this only for a couple of months without a break. Then you need to make a pause of two to four months, and then allowed to resume the course. Fortified cream should be used once a day, it is best to do it in the evening. At the same time, you should not forget to apply the product with massage lines and gently drive “Aevit Liberoderm” around the eyes with your fingers and not only.

More details about why take "Aevit"

The tool is often prescribed to improve the immune system, cure skin ailments, diseases of the nails and hair, with a weakened body after an illness or because of pathologies:

  1. Gynecology. Vitamin complex "Aevit" for women is recommended in the period after childbirth, as well as to cure mucous tissues in the uterus. The drug is allowed to use with heavy and painful menstruation, to reduce pain and reduce blood loss, as well as problems that are associated with infertility. Vitamins are suitable for improving women's health.
  2. Eyes. If there is a shortage of vitamins in the body, this may adversely affect the functions that are responsible for the quality of a person’s vision. "Aevit Liberoderm" is suitable for strengthening the cornea, improving the focus of the visual system, stop the negative changes in the retina. It is worth noting that vitamins can not replace a full-fledged therapy.
  3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug during pregnancy should be consumed only under the supervision of a physician and only in case of an extreme lack of vitamins, since the use of the complex can adversely affect the development of the fetus. It is forbidden to use the drug in the first trimester of pregnancy. Also, doctors do not recommend taking medication during breastfeeding, so that the baby does not receive a large dose of vitamins with milk, which can negatively affect his health and development.
  4. Mastopathy. "Aevit" has a positive effect on the hormonal background of the female body, it improves the condition of the mammary glands. Even many breast doctors have recognized that this drug has a positive effect on women with mastopathy. The dosage is standard - one capsule per day. The duration of therapy is one month, the break will need to be done at six months, and after that you can repeat the therapy.
  5. Psoriasis, eczema. Reviews of "Aevita" for the skin are also positive. This is due to the fact that the complex has a beneficial effect on the human body in psoriasis and eczema, and this is confirmed by many doctors. It is dermatologists who write out the presented vitamins to their patients for skin and nails. It is necessary to apply means on a capsule once a day for twenty-forty days, after you need to take a break for three to six months.
  6. Climax. "Aevit" helps women more easily endure hormonal changes in the body, because it is one of the most difficult periods in the lives of women. During the onset of menopause in the bloodstream dramatically decreases vitamin E, which means it must be replenished. The drug is extremely useful in cases where there are problems with the thyroid gland, smoking and with poor eyesight. The duration of therapy is two to three weeks, you need to take the drug per capsule per day. After a couple of months, the treatment can be repeated.

"Aevit" and cosmetology

We already know more, for which “Aevit” is accepted, but we still know far from all. The drug has also effectively demonstrated itself in the cosmetic industry. This is not surprising, because in the tool there is a mass of useful components that will help the skin to become healthier, and restore the natural shine and excellent appearance to the hair and nails.

Vitamins for Acne and Wrinkles

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin or get rid of wrinkles, then an effective procedure with this multivitamin complex - wrapping will help you. The tool perfectly smoothes wrinkles, reduces the porosity of the skin, cures acne, but for greater efficiency will require a number of preliminary measures. Before applying the agent, it is recommended to clean the dermis in advance, then combine the mixture from the ampoule and cosmetic oil. This product is best gently apply massage movements to your chosen areas. After that, wait a little while the product is absorbed into the skin, and cover the treated area with cling film or polyethylene, and put a towel on top. The tool does not need to be washed off. To the effect was noticeable well, it is better to carry out the procedure for thirty minutes and do it a couple of times a week. The course of facial care should not exceed a couple of months. The skin will become hydrated, fresh and beautiful.

Vitamins on critical days

In addition to trace elements, a woman needs vitamins during her monthly bleeding. First of all, of course, these are vitamins C and B12. During menstruation, the percentage of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the patient's blood is significantly reduced, which leads to a deterioration in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues.

To prevent such problems, women are prescribed iron supplements during this period, and ascorbic acid and vitamin B12 contribute to its absorption by the patient's cells.

If the pain syndrome during menstruation requires medical relief, then, in addition to analgesics and other similar drugs, vitamins of group B are required. In addition to reducing pain, these nutrients contribute to an increase in magnesium in the woman's body. Especially shown is the purpose for this purpose of vitamin B6.

To reduce the effects of menstruation, patients are recommended to take vitamin E. AEVIT during menstruation not only helps stabilize the patient's hormonal immune system, but can also help with normalizing the menstrual cycle. Features of this drug should be considered in more detail.

See the video about eliminating PMS symptoms with vitamins:

Positive qualities of AEVIT medicine for women

The drug is a fairly successful combination of vitamins A and E. Specialists call the restoration of small vessels and capillaries its main therapeutic effect in the body.

The drug is actively involved in the normalization of metabolism, restoring the immune system, increases the ability of cells of various organs to function normally in chronic oxygen starvation.

The therapeutic effect of AEVIT is based on the interaction of two vitamin. In this case, doctors believe that:

  • Vitamin A is directly responsible for metabolic processes in a woman’s body. Its main purpose is the exchange of proteins and carbohydrates, which is very important at the time of blood loss during menstruation.
  • Vitamin E is critically necessary for the female body. The substance mainly contributes to the normal functioning of small blood vessels and prevents the destruction of red blood cells. That is why taking AEVITA is desirable for women on critical days.

Despite the fact that the drug is used most often in cosmetology, recently gynecologists have taken it into service. Can AEVIT cause menstruation, remains a question to which modern medicine can not give a definite answer

The literature does not have clear data on the effect of vitamin E on the menstrual cycle. Annotation to the drug also does not indicate a similar possibility of using this drug. Most specialists in the appointment of a vitamin for the correction of the menstrual cycle rely solely on their personal experience.

The effect of the drug on the menstrual cycle of women

As noted above, the effects of this drug on menstruation, according to different authors, are very different. However, most experts suggest using it to stimulate menstrual bleeding with a delay of more than 1 to 2 cycles.

The treatment scheme in this case is quite simple. Experts recommend taking two capsules of the drug per day for 8 to 10 days, starting from 4 to 5 days after the last menstruation.

Quite often, doctors are faced with complaints of patients that the use of this medication for various cosmetic problems causes a delay and a complete cessation of menstruation. In this case, any serious deviations from the hormonal background in the patient, experts do not identify.

It should be recognized that the impact of AEVIT on a woman’s menstrual cycle is purely individual. Serious scientific sources deny the effect of this drug on menstruation, confirmed by observations.

We recommend reading the article on vitamins for the menstrual cycle. From it you will learn about the reasons for the delay, the effect of vitamin on the woman's body, recommended products for consumption, as well as vitamin complexes.

Basic regimens

Often doctors recommend using this medicine according to a specific regimen. In order for a woman to say that she took AEVIT and went monthly, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of vitamin therapy, which clearly corresponds to the patient's menstrual cycle.

Usually, treatment begins with the 3 day cycle. The patient should take one capsule of the drug in the morning before breakfast. To this should definitely add 1 tablet of vitamin B15.

After 10 days of treatment, a 3-day break is taken, during which a complete blood count should be taken. If the examination has not revealed the presence of problems in the woman, the therapy can be continued. However, it should be borne in mind that ascorbic acid should be used in combination with AEVIT for the next 10 days.

In the annotation to the drug does not contain specific recommendations for its use, therefore, each specialist independently develops techniques for the application of AEVIT. One tablet of medication contains 100 mg of vitamin E, which is almost its daily dose. It is the high concentration of vitamins A and E in AEVIT that often lead to poisoning, when, in pursuit of the result, a woman does not listen to the recommendations and independently increases the number of tablets per day.

Who can not AEVIT

There is a certain category of patients for whom taking this vitamin complex is contraindicated:

  • First of all, it is women who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Since the vitamins of these groups increase blood clotting, there is a high likelihood of blood clots.
  • For the same reason, specialists also consider kidney problems in patients as contraindications. It is especially dangerous to prescribe AEVIT to patients with a history of acute and chronic glomerulonephritis.
  • The drug has an increased effect on the liver parenchyma, can cause inflammation, therefore, if the patient has a history of cholecystitis, the use of AEVIT is prohibited.
  • Since there is no evidence of how AEVIT affects menstruation, they prefer not to recommend this vitamin complex to pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

For all other patients, it should be recalled that any vitamin preparations have a high allergic activity. Therefore, at the first signs of a pathological reaction to AEVIT in a woman, the use of this drug should be stopped and consult a doctor for help and advice.

Signs of drug overdose

According to doctors, overdose of this drug can be acute or chronic. In the first case, this pathology will be characterized by signs of damage to the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Patients may complain of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. The kidneys will immediately respond with increased urine output, while the urine will be dark in color.

Possible yellowness of the skin and sclera, which is a symptom of liver damage. If the question arises whether AEVIT can provoke menstruation earlier, then a similar symptom can also become a manifestation of an overdose of the drug.

When the poisoning of this drug is stretched in time, then violations of the hormonal sphere of a woman can be added to the listed symptoms, since an excess of vitamin E in the body always causes a failure in the production of hormones in the thyroid gland. Due to the high likelihood of increased blood clot formation in AEVIT overdose, the patient may develop lesions of the external and deep veins, which often leads to thrombophlebitis and other thrombosis.

Treatment of such conditions requires a lot of effort, time and money. Therefore, at the first sign of an overdose of the drug, you should contact your doctor to consult and decide on the possibility of further treatment with this drug.

Why else is appointed AEVIT

Поскольку данное лекарственное средство представляет собой достаточно сильнодействующий препарат, то он должен назначаться только врачом. Чаще всего это лекарство используют при таких патологиях:

  • Нарушение питания клеток и тканей организма кислородом и другими полезными веществами. АЕВИТ помогает клетке с наименьшими потерями пережить недостаток кислорода.
  • Complex therapy of various structural changes in the vessels of the lower extremities and the heart, including atherosclerosis and cardiosclerosis.
  • The deficiency in the body of patients of vitamins A and E. Such vitamin deficiency can cause many diseases. In addition to problems with the vessels, the lack of these vitamins can lead to loss of vision due to problems with the retina.
  • Some authors recommend prescribing AEVIT to pregnant women for the full development of the fetus. Such recommendations do not stand up to criticism, since the drug adversely affects the functioning of the kidney liver, which presents a certain danger to a pregnant woman.
  • Finally, this medicine is widely used in cosmetology to improve the skin of patients. In addition, experts note a significant positive effect from taking AEVIT for female hair.

The use of this drug to regulate the failure of menstrual function remains a controversial issue. With the processing of data of a greater number of observations of women with such treatment of menstrual irregularities, experts will apparently draw the appropriate conclusions. Differences in methods of influencing the female genital area, especially on the menstrual cycle, can cause serious problems for patients and their doctors.

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They are generally drunk in the second phase of the cycle, during the months. it is better not to drink anything, let them go easy

Yes of course. What patla in green pajamas prescribed it to you? These women's vitamins enhance mensis. Let the parents substitute this gynecologist with etisynthetic vitamins with rapeseed oil at the same point as her teacher in physiology is tahal. In short, eat 1 grated carrot with sour cream and sugar every day for afternoon tea instead of synthetics.

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Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows

"Aevit" for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes is also suitable. The tool will help strengthen the hair follicles, give the curls a healthy look and save you from split ends. Vitamins can be used in combination with shampoo or conditioner, just add three ampoules of a product in one shampoo, or simply rub the mixture overnight in the hair and scalp.

Vitamin complex will also help you to increase the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. To do this, you will need to do the following: you must first pierce the capsule with a sterile needle, then apply a makeup brush to your eyelashes and eyebrows with a clean makeup brush. The procedure is required to be repeated at night for a month or one and a half. You can also combine other cosmetics and essential oils to get a much greater effect.

An ideal mix for eyelashes - a mixture of "Aevita" and olive, castor, burdock, almond oil. Or mix the drug with fish oil. For eyelashes, you can also use an old tube from under the mascara, however, you will need to wash it very carefully and pour a mixture of oils and vitamins into it. Brush apply the tool several times a month, so you can accelerate the growth of eyelashes and improve their appearance.

Do not forget that prevention is the best solution. Do not run your eyelashes, monitor the quality of cosmetics - and everything will be fine.

Vitamins and nails

Do you suffer from brittle nails, their constant delamination, slow growth and loss of gloss? Then the vitamin complex is ideal for you in solving the problem. How to use the drug? Just rub the tool in the nail plate and cuticle. The procedure is recommended for three weeks to obtain an excellent cosmetic and therapeutic effect. You will notice that your nails have become more beautiful, healthier and stronger.

Vitamins and weight loss - is it possible?

The body during the diet is subjected to severe stress, and to maintain the body in a normal state during the fight with extra pounds it is necessary to saturate it with vitamins, and "Aevit" will help with this. The complex will also contribute to the activation of metabolic processes, a soothing effect on the nervous system and support immunity.

How do overdose and side effects occur?

Vitamins are best applied under the strict supervision of a physician, who will establish the correct dosage so that the complex has a healing effect on the entire body. However, overdose can be intoxication of the body.

Excess vitamins can cause:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • impaired stool
  • dryness of the dermis
  • seborrhea,
  • pain in the joints
  • allergic rashes,
  • negative changes in the liver, spleen or kidneys,
  • developmental disturbances in the nervous system, migraine headaches, depressive states, drowsiness, or insomnia.

And what side effects may occur? If the drug is taken correctly, the dosage is always observed, then side effects occur only in exceptional cases. This may be due to personal intolerance to some component, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, or a banal allergic reaction. Most often, side effects appear only after taking vitamins in capsules. Here are the negative effects that can occur:

  • skin reactions: excessive hair loss, flaking of the scalp,
  • excessive irritability,
  • disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, abnormal stool, development of gallstone disease.

Some patients also complained of severe headaches of different localization, rarely also an allergic reaction.

What are the prohibitions on taking vitamins?

Multivitamin complex in capsules or ampoules internally and externally should not be taken by people predisposed to allergic reactions to the components of the drug. It is also forbidden to use the remedy if you have excess vitamin A and E in your body. It is not allowed to give vitamins to children who have not yet turned fourteen. Take the drug is required carefully for liver ailments, diseases of the kidneys and thyroid gland.

The instruction also forbids this complex to be taken by pregnant women, however this issue is already being resolved individually and with a doctor. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy, the expectant mother requires a lot of nutrients and vitamins, and the deficit leads to the fact that doctors prescribe vitamin women to pregnant women, such as Aevit. It is necessary to make a reservation, future moms vitamin complexes are allowed to take only after the approval of the doctor and prescribing them the dosage. Do not do self-medication!

What threatens overdose?

Vitamins A and E are fat-soluble components that linger in the body longer than water-soluble vitamins, and therefore it is not necessary to use them every day. It should not be forgotten that the drug should be drunk only in accordance with the instructions, otherwise the side effects will not keep you waiting. Overdose will lead to severe pain in the epigastric zone, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, redness, you will feel drowsiness, lethargy, headaches, there may even be seizures. In addition, an overdose is dangerous in that it can also cause hypercalcemia. It should be noted that the drug should not be taken simultaneously with the products of silver, iron or alkali-reactive components. Self-medication with vitamins is unacceptable and you should always consult with your doctor.

What are the benefits of the drug?

The vitamin complex, like other pharmaceutical products, has its own drawbacks and advantages. The presented agent has the following advantageous parties:

  • low price (cost does not exceed two hundred rubles per package),
  • take the tool most often needed once a day,
  • The drug is available in various forms for general convenience.
  • the tool supports not only beauty, but also health
  • has two essential antioxidants.

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Aevit today is often used in cosmetology, as both its components (vitamins A and E) have a positive effect on the skin. But only a dermatologist-cosmetologist can prescribe aevit, taking into account all indications and contraindications for taking it: aevit contains high doses of vitamins that can easily cause an overdose.

How aevit affects the condition of the skin

The composition of aevita consists of two vitamins A and E. Both of them have an antioxidant effect, that is, they prevent the toxic effects on the cells of the human body of free radicals resulting from redox reactions, and hence the aging of the body. In particular, aging of the skin is prevented - that is why aevit is one of the most frequently used drugs in cosmetology.

In addition, vitamin A improves metabolic processes in the skin cells, removing dry skin, and its peeling. It suppresses infectious-inflammatory processes in the skin, as it increases local immunity, thereby preventing infectious agents from entering the body. Vitamin A contributes to the development of sex hormones, which also improves the condition of the skin, giving it freshness and youth. Vitamin E enhances the action of vitamin A, protecting it from destruction in the intestine and has a positive effect on sexual function, which also helps to stimulate metabolic processes in the skin cells.

Aevit is used mainly in women of mature age to prevent aging of the skin, as well as in the complex treatment of wrinkles. Helps aevit with youthful acne.

The use of aevita with aging skin

Aevit is prescribed as part of the complex treatment of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation in women after 35–40 years. Only a cosmetologist can prescribe aevit, since this drug contains large doses of vitamins A and E. Self-administration of aevit is fraught with severe poisoning, so it’s not worth the risk.
Vitamins A and E are needed for aging skin. Both of these vitamins stimulate the secretion of sex hormones, which already contributes to its rejuvenation. In addition, vitamin A improves the condition of skin cells by improving their metabolism, and vitamin E - by improving blood microcirculation in the smallest blood vessels - capillaries and preventing the destruction of vitamin A. Under the influence of aevit, swelling of the face decreases, including under the eyes, as the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, which leads to a decrease in their permeability.

For external use, you can smear the skin around the eyes 2 times a day or in the evenings after a work day. After 2 hours you can blot with a napkin, although this is not required.

Course - 2 weeks. Then a break of 2 weeks.

But the most important thing is the suppression of vitamins A and to a large extent E (it is the main antioxidant) of the toxic effects of free radicals on skin cells - this process is the main cause of skin aging. The antioxidant effect of aevita helps to improve the skin color of the face, stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin (including after sunburn and other adverse effects of the external environment), improves blood supply and moisturizes the skin. Removes dry skin, restores its elasticity.

To prevent aging, aevit is prescribed in a standard dosage of one capsule once or twice a day for 10 to 40 days. But the doctor can reduce or increase this dose, and also prescribe aevit not in the form of capsules inside, but in the form of intramuscular injections - 1 ml of an oil solution once a day. One ml of aevit solution contains retinol acetate 0.035 g and 0.1 g alpha-tocopherol acetate. The dose of the drug and the duration of the course of treatment depend on the patient's skin condition.

You can apply aevit and externally. To do this, it is added to various creams and masks, both ready-made and self-made. For example, you can boil the potatoes in salted water, make mashed potatoes and add two or three capsules of aevita to a tablespoon of the finished mashed potatoes, then apply a slightly warm mashed potatoes to the area around the eyes. This will relieve swelling and swelling around the eyes, make the skin soft and fresh.

The use of aevita for juvenile acne

Aevit improves local immunity in the skin and mucous membranes, as a result of infectious agents will be difficult to penetrate deep into the skin. In addition, the antioxidant effect of aevita contributes to the removal of the toxic effects of free radicals and improve metabolic processes in the skin cells. Under the action of these vitamins, hormones are normalized and the chemical composition of sebum improves - it becomes less viscous. The peeling of the skin also decreases - all this leads to the fact that less comedones (sebaceous plugs, which clog the openings of the sebaceous glands). Reducing the impact of infectious factors in combination with improved metabolic processes leads to a decrease in acne.
Assign aevit with acne on the capsule once or twice a day for from two weeks to a month.

How to take aevit with problems with hair.

Aevit can be used for any problems with hair, but only as directed by a doctor. Especially it is shown with thin brittle and split ends. It is prescribed in courses of one capsule per day, regardless of the meal for 30-40 days. But it is possible to carry out a shorter, but intensive course: by capsule three times a day for two weeks. Such courses can be conducted no more than two or three times a year. You can also enter this drug intramuscularly, but this increases the risk of overdose.

The effect of aevita on the scalp when applied topically

Aevit capsules and ampoules can be used topically. Ampoules for this purpose fit more. Aevit can simply be applied to the scalp, and can be mixed with various other cosmetics - creams, masks, and so on.

When applied topically, aevit enters directly into the scalp and both vitamins, which are part of it, enter into metabolic processes. First of all, they actively suppress the action of free radicals, preventing the destruction of the cells of the scalp and hair follicles.

Vitamin A improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the skin cells, and vitamin E - fat. At the same time, vitamin E improves blood circulation in the scalp. All this leads to the fact that the hair bulbs "come to life", the hair shafts begin to grow more intensively, become durable and elastic. Unfortunately, the aevit will not restore the split ends of the hair, but it can glue them slightly. Therefore, the ends of the hair is better to cut.

Recipes for external use aevita

You can use a variety of recipes masks with aevit. For example, you can simply open the ampoule with aevit and rub the contents into the hair roots, while simultaneously doing a light massage of the scalp, which will improve blood circulation, and hence the absorption of aevit. The procedure is best done at bedtime, leave the mask on all night, and in the morning wash your hair with shampoo. Such rubbing can be done daily for one to two weeks, or twice a week for four to six weeks.

Pharmacological action of aevita

Aevit is a vitamin complex preparation with immunostimulating and antioxidant properties. The complex Aevit, reviews of doctors and patients about which is definitely positive, consists of two vitamins - A (retinol palmate) and E (alpha-tocopherol acetate). Aevit vitamins promote tissue regeneration, is involved in lipid and protein metabolism, has a positive effect on vision, supports the reproductive function of the body, improves blood circulation, restores vascular permeability, tissue trophism.

All the above effects from the use of Aevita are possible due to the pharmacological properties of vitamins A, E.

Vitamin A is responsible for tissue metabolism, is able to enhance cellular and humoral immunity, enhances myelopoiesis, improves the function of macrophages. Using vitamin A can reduce the risk of disease of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and digestive tract.Thanks to the participation of this vitamin in the Aevit complex, keratinization slows down when it is used, the cells are rejuvenated. The beneficial effect of the drug Aevit on reproductive function is also due to the participation of vitamin A in this complex. In addition, retinol palmate participates in the formation of the visual signal, bone tissue, promotes bone growth, and has a positive effect on the work of the sweat, sebaceous, lacrimal glands.

Also, vitamin A, due to the unsaturated bonds of the retinol molecule, interacts with various types of radicals and stimulates the antioxidant function of vitamin E, which, in turn, being the second important component of Aevit, prevents the oxidation of retinol, thereby preventing the formation of toxic products.

In addition, vitamin alpha-tocopherol acetate (E) is responsible for the regulation of metabolic processes in the human body, the protection of cells from the action of free radicals, the prevention of hemolysis of red blood cells, a positive effect on microcirculation and trophism of tissues, the vascular system.

Alpha-tocopherol also stimulates the immune system, both general and humoral, and cellular. Thanks to this component of the complex Aevit, the activity of T-lymphocytes increases. In addition, in conjunction with vitamin A, normal formation of the reproductive system and fetal development is ensured.

The pharmacokinetic properties of Aevita are due to the pharmacokinetics of its constituents.

Aevita absorption: Vitamin E is absorbed in the digestive tract, and vitamin Retinol is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Components Aevita, vitamins A, E are distributed in tissues and organs evenly, while the excess vitamin A is deposited in the liver, and vitamin E in muscle, adipose tissue, adrenal glands, testes, liver, erythrocytes.

Metabolism Aevita: vitamin A in the process of metabolism in the liver forms active and inactive metabolites. Vitamin E in the process of metabolism forms only pharmacologically inactive metabolites.

Withdrawal Aevita: retinol acetate is already metabolized as excreted in the urine and bile. This happens slowly: after a single use, one third of the taken vitamin is removed from the human body for another three weeks. Vitamin E is excreted only with bile, and with urine only in small quantities.

Method of use Aevita

Aevit vitamins are taken after eating, swallowed whole (not chewed) and washed down with water.

The average course of admission, according to the instructions Aevita: for an adult - 30 - 40 days. one capsule once every 24 hours. But more individual dosages of Aevita and the duration of the course are prescribed by the doctor who has the patient. According to observations and reviews, Aevit, if used improperly, can lead to undesirable consequences.

For a more precise purpose and the possibility of repeating the use of Aevita (only 3 months or six months after the end of the last course - according to the instructions of Aevit) it is necessary to know the exact nature of the disease and the characteristics of the patient's body.

Description of side effects Aevita

According to the description and reviews, Aevit is well tolerated, but there are statistics of side effects during the use of Aevit:

1) vomiting, nausea, allergic manifestations, gastralgia, abnormal stool - isolated cases associated only with the individual characteristics of the patient,

2) exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, cholelithiasis - in those who took Aevit for a long time,

3) hypervitaminosis A. It is expressed in the lesion of the peripheral and central nervous system - sleep disturbance, irritability, headache, paresthesia, apathy. Damage to the skin can also appear - cracks and dry feet and palms, seborrhea, alopecia. According to reviews, Aevit also led to pain in the joints, an enlarged spleen, a liver, and a change in gait, but all this was observed against the background of prolonged use of the drug and in dosages that exceeded the recommended ones.

What is included

Aevit is a medicinal product that contains vitamin A, E. The drug is designed to restore the metabolic processes in the body, neutralizes the effects of negative external factors, improves microcirculation in the capillaries and the resistance of tissues to oxygen deficiency, while having a low price.

As with all brilliant, the composition of the vitamin complex is simple. The combination of two powerful nutrients makes Aevit an effective immunostimulatory drug with antioxidant properties.

Vitamins A and E are selected in such proportion that improves blood circulation, normalizes reproductive function. Why else take Aevit? It helps to improve eyesight, skin, hair and nails - all this gives a quick noticeable result.

The beneficial properties of the vitamin, which is also known as retinol, are indispensable for such biochemical processes that affect bone growth, reproduction of epithelial cells. It should be taken if there is a deficiency of vitamin A in men and women, since vitamin A is involved in the synthesis of visual pigment.

What are useful vitamins Aevit

Everybody can tell what Aevit consists of, because the answer lies in its name. The main components are natural vitamins A and E.

In adequate quantities, they are essential for the human body. Retinol (vitamin A) is responsible for the health of the organs of vision.

Its deficiency leads to night blindness - the eyes lose their ability to adapt to the dark. It can be found in the composition of anti-aging creams, as it helps the skin to remain fresh and taut, triggering the natural mechanisms of renewal of its cells.

No less valuable is the second component of the composition of Aevita - tocopherol (vitamin E). It is a powerful antioxidant. It prevents free radicals from destroying cells, monitors the correct use of proteins, normalizes blood circulation in the capillaries, increases the resistance of tissues to hypoxia. Tocopherol has a positive effect on the reproductive sphere, supports hormonal balance.

Both vitamins strengthen the immune system. In this combination, the effect of each of them is enhanced.

If Aevit has so many benefits, then why not drink it for everyone? The fact is that it contains higher doses of fat-soluble vitamins, but the body itself cannot regulate their quantity, does not remove it from the body, even if there are too many of them. Overdose of such elements is no less dangerous than a deficiency, so taking this medicine "just like that" is not recommended.

Representatives of the weaker sex more often than men are assigned Aevit. What are women taking this multivitamin? It is widely used in gynecology: used in the treatment of diseases caused by changes in hormonal balance, including menstrual disorders.

Helps to reduce pain during menstruation, reduce blood loss. These vitamins are prescribed and those who are trying to recover from infertility.

Another purely female problem in which it is necessary to replenish stocks of vitamin A and E is mastopathy. Aevit has a positive effect on the balance of progesterone and estrogen, which favorably affects the state of the mammary glands. This multivitamin in the postpartum period is very useful, as retinol reduces the recovery time of the uterine mucosa.

The combination of two vitamins gives the complex excellent healing properties. Frequent colds, stress, test the body for strength, and if it is properly taken Aevit, it will help to quickly deal with the imbalance. Oil capsules are used in the care of hair, nails and skin.

In gynecology

Multivitamin complex is appointed as an additional tool, especially useful in the postpartum period. Retinol, which is part of the drug, accelerates the process of recovery of the mucous tissue of the uterus. In gynecology, Aevit, which contains vitamin E, is prescribed to reduce pain during menstruation, reduce blood loss, and treat infertility.

Side effects

Aevit has immunostimulatory and antioxidant properties, accelerates the regeneration process, and has a beneficial effect on vision and reproductive function.

Retinol improves tissue metabolism, enhances cellular and humoral immunity, reduces the likelihood of developing pathologies of the respiratory and digestive system, and rejuvenates the cells. Vitamin A is involved in the formation of bone tissue, the visual signal, a beneficial effect on the function of the lacrimal, sweat and sebaceous glands. The element is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, deposited in the liver.

If the recommended dosages are followed, the vitamins are well tolerated by patients at any age, negative reactions occur most often when the instructions are not followed, and the sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug is increased.

Possible adverse reactions:

  • dyspeptic disorders - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
  • seborrhea, temporary alopecia,
  • cephalgia
  • gastralgia,
  • irritability, lethargy, chronic fatigue.

Aevit can cause exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, gallstone disease. Sometimes while taking the medication, there is a slight fever, pain in the abdomen, poor coordination, pain in the lower limbs.

Pay attention! An overdose of the drug Aevit is fraught with the development of vitamin A, E hypervitaminosis, which can cause the development of severe pathologies.

Aevit is an effective complex that contains useful vitamins for the skin, hair, bone tissue, it is prescribed to enhance the therapeutic effect of medications during the treatment of many serious diseases.

To avoid overdose, allergies and other adverse reactions, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosages and rules of administration specified in the instructions for use, buy medicine only in pharmacies.

Among the frequent reactions of the body to Aevit, individual intolerance is noted. If you take a multivitamin complex internally, then an overdose can cause the following side effects:

What happens if taking Aevit is wrong?

If there are indications for treatment with Aevit, then how to take it can be found in the instructions, but it is wrong to follow its instructions mechanically. After all, it is a strong allergen that contains shock doses of vitamins. For example, it is extremely dangerous to make injections at home without first testing for individual intolerance.

Regarding the correct use of the drug, the general recommendations for internal use are as follows:

  • Capsules In this form, the drug is taken whole without breaking the membrane. For the purpose of prevention, the scheme involves taking 1 capsule per day before or after meals for 30 days, with a therapeutic one, the dose of the drug is doubled. It is necessary to take Aevit twice throughout the day, and the duration of the course will be about two weeks.
  • Injection (shot). Injected intramuscularly, watching to ensure that the oily solution does not get into the subcutaneous fat layer. The treatment regimen for any diseases provides that the dose of Aevita (injection) is 1 ampoule or 1 ml per day, and the duration of use can vary from 20 days to 40.

How long to take a multivitamin preparation by people over the age of 16 is determined by the attending physician. Acceptance of Aevita with a prophylactic or therapeutic goal completely eliminates the use of other pills with vitamin A content. To fix the effect, adults are scheduled to repeat the course after six months.

A child who is under the age of 16 is not recommended to take Aevit. The exceptions are some dermatological problems with the skin, for example, if the diagnosis is confirmed: “follicular keratosis”. Such medical cases involve taking Aevita by a child, but strictly according to an individual scheme with interruptions.

Instructions for use Aevit externally

How to take vitamin Aevit capsules? The pills should be drunk once a day, regardless of the meal, swallowed immediately and completely, no need to chew them, long hold in the mouth, you can drink water. The duration of therapy is 1–1, 5 months for endarteritis, mastopathy, malnutrition of peripheral tissues, for treatment of other pathologies, it is enough to take the drug for 20–30 days.

Pay attention! With severe forms of the disease, when it is necessary to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect quickly, vitamins can be taken in 2 capsules every 8-12 hours for 14 days.

Cosmetic effect of Aevita is manifested in the elimination of dry skin, excellent rejuvenating effect, elimination of acne, and shine to hair. Externally, the drug is used by mixing with other means or in pure form.

For this, the capsule must be pierced, squeezed out the contents and applied directly to the skin. If you mix Aevit with cream, gel, balsam, then 5-10 g of the base should be taken 1-3 capsules of the drug.

Gelatin capsules will demonstrate their beneficial skin care properties, as well as pure vitamin E for the face. In just two weeks, applying Aevit for wrinkles, at the same time it will be possible to shrink pores, make the skin taut, remove acne, if you apply 3-5 drops of oil to the skin daily. Aevit helps to whiten, protect the skin and eliminate pigmentation.

Damaged, dull hair needs special care. External application of Aevita in its pure form helps to strengthen the hair roots, if applied directly to the scalp, rubbed with massage movements, leaving the oil overnight.

The enrichment of other cosmetic hair care products (shampoos, masks, balms) also helps to solve the problem of splitting hair, and three capsules are enough for a one-time amount of the product used.

For nails

A multivitamin preparation is good because it helps to cope with brittleness, deeply nourishing and moisturizing the nail plate. The most effective combination is Aevita capsules and olive oil, although any hand cream is suitable. Caring for the cuticle or seeking to improve the condition of the nails, the oil can be applied in its pure form, simply rubbing the product until completely absorbed.

What are the disadvantages of this drug?

The negative sides of this tool a little. The downside is that the tool can not be taken to children, expectant mothers because of the threat of hypervitaminosis. Also, the drug in its composition has only two vitamins, and in this he loses to many other complexes. Perhaps, the drug has no more minuses.

How does the complex interact with other medicinal products?

The tool is prohibited to use together with other complexes containing vitamin A, because of the danger of overdose and the development of hypervitaminosis A.

It is worth considering that this component reduces the effect of calcium, and therefore increases the risk of hypercalcemia. Kolestiramin, Kolestipol, mineral oils, neomycin will reduce the absorption of vitamin A and E.

An interesting fact: oral remedies increase the concentration of vitamin A in plasma.

If you take tetracycline and this complex in high doses at the same time, the risk of developing intracranial hypertension will increase greatly. The drug is not prescribed at the same time as taking nitrates, because they violate the absorption of vitamin A.

How to store products?

The complex will need to save in a place where there is no moisture and light. Temperature indicators should be from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Keep the tool required in a place that is not available for children. The shelf life of the drug is two years. After the expiration date of the drug is prohibited to use.

What are the analogues of this complex?

A number of pharmacies can offer customers instead of "Aevita" vitamins A and E separately. There are also analogues of this complex, and this:

  • Belarusian remedy "Aevit Mite"
  • Polish product "Vitaminel".

If you wish, you can purchase the above-mentioned tools.

What is the result?

Vitamin complex "Aevit" is used for various purposes, it heals the body, maintains the immune system in good condition, improves the appearance of hair, nails and skin. The complex is successfully used by both men and women in many countries around the world, and all because of the availability of the drug, which is able to solve a lot of health problems.

“Aevit” is a multivitamin for adults that can not only support the immune system, but also prevent deficient conditions in the body and prevent eye diseases from developing. This vitamin complex can be called a vitamin of beauty and health!

Do not forget that it is best to take the remedy only after consulting a doctor. This will allow you to avoid a lot of future health problems. You may believe that vitamins will help you become healthier, but they can also make your condition worse. A measure is needed in everything, the correct dosage, otherwise you will only make yourself worse and it will be extremely difficult to correct the consequences.

Composition Aevit

As with all brilliant, the composition of the vitamin complex is simple. The combination of two powerful nutrients makes Aevit an effective immunostimulatory drug with antioxidant properties. Vitamins A and E are selected in such proportion that improves blood circulation, normalizes reproductive function. Why else take Aevit? Он помогает улучшить зрение, состояние кожи, волос и ногтей – все это дает быстрый заметный результат.

Полезные свойства витамина, который известен еще как ретинол, незаменимы при таких биохимических процессах, которые затрагивают рост костей, размножение клеток эпителия. It should be taken if there is a deficiency of vitamin A in men and women, since vitamin A is involved in the synthesis of visual pigment.

Necessary when you need to take a powerful antioxidant, because tocopherol is considered a source of youth and beauty. Preventing aging, this component of Aevita, like vitamin E in capsules, is a good tool for the prevention of cancer, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining the functioning of the reproductive system.

During pregnancy

The period of carrying a child for a woman is fraught with a heavy load on the work of the internal organs. In order to maintain balance, it is necessary to take vitamins, but an overdose of even beneficial substances can cause the pathology of the fetus. Before taking Aevita, as well as the Vitrum Prenatal Forte complex, a pregnant woman should study the abstract and not combine it with other preparations containing vitamin A.

With mastopathy

Treatment of fibrocystic disease involves a whole range of measures, where restorative therapy is given its place. Why take Aevit with mastopathy? The composition of the multivitamin complex has a positive effect on the ratio of estrogen and progesterone, and it helps to cure mastopathy faster, improving the condition of the mammary glands.

In capsules

This form of multivitamin preparation is a high concentration of the main components. Based on this, Aevit capsules is considered a medicine, the uncontrolled reception of which may be harmful to health. If the body is experiencing an acute deficiency of vitamins A or E, then taking the drug will be justified, as in the treatment with antibiotics, biliary tract disease or the gastrointestinal tract.

It is intended for intramuscular injections, while the oily solution is enclosed in a sterile ampoule. Like capsules, this form of release of the drug contains excipients, but the main difference is the high concentration of vitamins A, E, which makes the multivitamin complex is no longer a preventive, but a drug.

How to take aevit

Regarding the correct use of the drug, the general recommendations for internal use are as follows:

  • Capsules In this form, the drug is taken whole without breaking the membrane. For the purpose of prophylaxis, the scheme involves taking 1 capsule per day before or after a meal for 30 days, with a therapeutic one, the dose of the drug is doubled. It is necessary to take Aevit twice throughout the day, and the duration of the course will be about two weeks.
  • Injection (shot). Injected intramuscularly, watching to ensure that the oily solution does not get into the subcutaneous fat layer. The treatment regimen for any diseases provides that the dose of Aevita (injection) is 1 ampoule or 1 ml per day, and the duration of use can vary from 20 days to 40.

How long to take a multivitamin preparation by people over the age of 16 is determined by the attending physician. Acceptance of Aevita with a prophylactic or therapeutic goal completely eliminates the use of other pills with vitamin A content. To fix the effect, adults are scheduled to repeat the course after six months.

A child who is under the age of 16 is not recommended to take Aevit. The exceptions are some dermatological problems with the skin, for example, if the diagnosis is confirmed: “follicular keratosis”. Such medical cases involve taking Aevita by a child, but strictly according to an individual scheme with interruptions.