How do I tell my mom my period?


The first periods are an important event in the life of every girl. And after 20, and after 50 years, most women remember this day - what sensations and anxieties it was accompanied by. Girls often do not know how to tell their mother, and may be worried about this. It is very important to understand what is monthly.

The second name for menstruation is menstruation. This is a selection of blood from the genital tract, which normally occurs every month, which explains the name of this phenomenon.

Menstruation is an absolutely physiological process. This is a consequence of the growing up of a girl, changes occurring in her body.

Blood excretion is associated with rejection of the inner layer of the uterus. Every month, the girl's body prepares for pregnancy, and if it does not occur, the mucous membrane exfoliates and, together with blood, is secreted from the genital tract. After the end of menstruation, the preparation of the body for pregnancy begins again, and these cyclical changes will continue until menopause itself.

The lack of timely onset of menstruation is a sign of a possible disease of the endocrine or sexual system. The first menstruation in gynecology is called menarche.

How to tell mom about the beginning of menstruation? Do I need to visit a doctor first to make sure that this is really menstruation, or is it better to ask my friends for advice?

It is advisable to study well the anatomy and physiology of your own body, and then the menarche will not take the girl by surprise.

It is usually difficult to confuse with anything else. And yet it often happens that parents have no idea about the first menstrual periods. Menarche is sometimes manifested in the form of very meager bleeding, which lasts no more than 1-2 days. And even if the girl is prepared by her mother for the beginning of the normal menstruation, she may not see the connection between these events.

On the eve of the first menstruation the following symptoms are often noted:

  • fatigue,
  • irritability,
  • tearfulness
  • emotional imbalance
  • demonstrative behavior
  • headaches,
  • lower abdominal pain or lower back pain.

These complaints are associated with changes in hormonal metabolism and are often noted in the future, on the eve of each period. They are called premenstrual syndrome.

If a girl noticed on her underwear even slight spotting, first of all you need to tell your mom about it.

Conversation with mom

Why is it necessary to tell mom about menstruation? First, it is the closest person who will support and help. Secondly, mother faces this phenomenon every month, for many years. Thirdly, it is she, not her friend, who is familiar with modern means of hygiene and can tell her daughter the best way to take care of her body on critical days.

The female menstrual cycle has many features that are usually transmitted along the female line. These include the duration of the cycle and menstruation, the characteristics of the discharge. They can be abundant or scanty, accompanied by painful feelings, bad mood, fatigue, or flow without changes in health.

That mother will tell you how to cope with poor health on the eve and in the early days of menstruation, will warn of possible pitfalls.

Why is it necessary to tell parents about menstruation? Today, information about this phenomenon is available everywhere - in books and on the Internet, in television programs, on posters in clinics and antenatal clinics. If desired, the girl can easily cope with the problems during her period.

However, the mother or father must know what is happening with her body. After all, only adults can notice a cycle violation or other problems in time and consult with a doctor. If necessary, parents will buy medicine to help them feel better with menarche, which is not an ordinary child.

But often even modern girls are tormented by the question: “How can I tell my mother that I have periods?”

Way of communication

Despite the trusting relationship with her parents, not every girl is able to immediately report such intimate changes in her body. That is why it is much better when talk about the upcoming menstruation is conducted in advance and repeatedly.

As a rule, menarche occurs between the ages of 10 and 17, depending on the region. In places with a warm climate, girls grow up a little earlier, in the northern areas - later. Occasionally the first periods can occur even at 9 years. However, the average age of onset of this process is 11–14 years. This means that already from 8–9 years of age, a mother must periodically ask the question: “Have you started your period?”

And it is necessary to prepare the girl for this phenomenon - not only to tell you how to use pads or tampons, but also to introduce you to the structure of the female body, to support morally.

But still the first menstruation takes many girls by surprise. And although they understand what is happening and are aware of the physiology of such secretions, they nevertheless begin to think: “How can I tell my parents that you have spotting and avoid embarrassment?”

This can be done in the following ways:

  • To talk
  • Write.
  • Send a message.

There is no universal recipe for telling mom about your period. This can be done in different ways. But in any situation, the girl should remember that all women, without exception, go through this - through menarche, and through the first frank conversation.

Well, when the child understands that in this process there is nothing shameful or uncomfortable. However, most girls tend to feel awkward when talking on such topics. Sometimes this is due to overly strict upbringing in the family or lack of proper attention to the problems of children by the parents.

But much more often we are talking only about the increased sensitivity of girls in adolescence. This is also absolutely normal and natural. About this should be aware of and not be ashamed of their awkwardness.

How to start a conversation? The most difficult thing is to say the first phrase. It is better to talk about menstruation in a relaxed atmosphere, when mom came home from work, had dinner and is resting. Do not tell her this exciting news in a hurry.

Of course, most mothers have long been ready for the appearance of menstruation in their daughter and are looking forward to her, but they, like girls, can also worry. That is why talking about the first menstruation between cooking dinner and washing floors is not the best option.

In addition, to discuss all the intimate nuances, mom and daughter need privacy. Such conversations are desirable to conduct behind the closed door. Of course, over time, the father and other family members will learn about these changes, but the fewer people will intervene at first, the better for the child.

You can start a conversation by the way, while watching TV or doing some common things. But the simplest way to tell parents is the usual phrase: "Mom, I seem to have started my period."

It is easy to pronounce, and it does not cause embarrassment. And then any mother will help her daughter to discuss this issue.

However, not all adolescents can simply talk to their parents. Although it would seem that this is the easiest and most affordable way, some of them are very embarrassed about talking about such intimate things.

But since it is still necessary to report about menstruation, you can write about it. This option is more suitable for families, where it is customary to use notes to communicate with each other. However, there are several nuances:

  • Note may be lost.
  • Other family members can read it.
  • Mom might notice her too late.

Of course, you should not post a note about your first months on the fridge next to the list of products for tomorrow. She can put her mom in a bag or pocket of clothes. But it must be understood that there it can go unnoticed.

A note is a good option in a situation where a girl wants to avoid an awkward conversation, but at the same time it is too unreliable. In addition, in the future she would still have to communicate with her mother about the choice of hygiene products.

It is better to foresee such a situation and discuss it with the mother in advance - for example, that as soon as the monthly periods begin, the daughter will put a note in a pre-arranged place. There may also be pads and tampons in case adults are not at home.

This will help the child to calm down, and parents will be sure that they will learn about the first menstruation in time.

In the age of the Internet, it is not necessary to report menstruation directly or in a note. Come to the aid of the phone and computer. Since the usual telephone conversation also causes many difficulties, it is much easier to use sms, skype and vibera.

This system perfectly helps to get rid of the awkwardness of especially shy teenagers, but at the same time they can find out from the mother all the details of interest.

Of course, there is nothing better than a confidential conversation between mother and daughter, and it is good when they are an integral part of the relationship of the household. But this is not always the case.

And, if you can’t talk directly, you can do it with messages. It is important that, in any case, the mother knows about what is happening with the child and can help with advice and support morally.

As with a face-to-face conversation, it’s enough for a girl to write that she begins her period, and everything else is a parent’s concern. If the child does not want to talk about menstruation directly, you can send a message to mom asking you to buy hygiene products at the store.

But what if you can’t talk to your mother?

Conversation with other people

If suddenly the menstruation came when the mother is not around, do not despair. Nearby there is a person with whom you can discuss this issue. This may be a grandmother or aunt, elder sister, godmother, mother's friend.

If there are no such women around, the girl can always ask for help from the school nurse or psychologist. An adult will help and tell you what to do in this situation.

Many girls are embarrassed to address their problems to their father. They feel ashamed and embarrassing to discuss with him such intimate changes in their body. However, the father, like the mother, is the closest person to the child. And the floor in this case does not play a special role.

Moreover, an adult, even if it is a man, is always more knowledgeable about physiology than a teenage girl. And if he is completely ignorant of the first menstruation, then at least he will be able to take his daughter to consult a pediatric gynecologist.

The first menstruation sooner or later comes in the life of every girl. You need to be ready for her and not be shy to discuss all the necessary questions with your mother.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Didn't mom warn you about this? I also did not warn. I was very scared then.

Put the panties in the laundry basket.

say so. I understand it would be a question how dad to say.

And fuck mom know about it?

Say: Mom, give me a coin on the pads?

So say: Mom, I started my period!

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So say: Mom, I started my period!

I also didn’t say right away .. but now, you are not alone on the planet who have them, that everyone makes an event out of this, someone has them even at 10 someone starts at 16. Say faster, say it faster, faster get out of it.

I said 2 years after they started, my mom just scared me with her attitude, it seemed to me that I was making a great event out of this, because for health reasons they couldn’t go at all. They went also at 11.5 years old. Then she said all the same, when I got tired of laying the gasket. Just "I went monthly" and here she is so calmly "OK, take the gaskets" and that's it .. she was afraid)

As far as I remember, when I started, there was a loud scream from the bathroom in the house: "WHERE THE HELLS OF GASKETS LAY!" In general, Guest 8 correctly said.

Moms are different.
My mother invited a girlfriend and they drank "50g each" for this. type, the daughter is already an adult. but I was terribly embarrassed and sad that Mama was telling people about it to strangers ((

I did not say. Began late-about 16 years. I thought that it was not necessary to report, but I did not make a secret either. Ie gaskets quietly threw in the trash, not hiding) For the third time she noticed. Did you ask for your periods? When did you start? Offended that she did not say)

I just showed panties and pretended that I did not understand what it was (although of course I was already in the know). we went to the pharmacy and mom bought me gaskets. then I just asked every month when to buy them.

How to tell mom that I have a period.

so to say, what are the secrets of mom?

So say that the period began. What's the big deal? This is the norm and the mother, in any case, needs to know, pads to buy, to know that the child is developing normally, if you have a stomach ache and so on. What is there to hide?

This is not a problem for us from our “adult” bell tower and it’s not worth a jigger, but for a girl, even if she’s not 11-12, but 15-16, this can be a big problem.
Relations with mothers are very very different ..
I can advise the author, if you hesitate or are afraid to say directly, send SMS as someone indicated above

tell dad, and he will tell mom))))))))))

Yes, and I did not immediately decide) I called my mother at work, asked how are you and then — bye)

and here I was absolutely backward, I didn’t know anything about menstruation (but I started early at 12), she was terribly frightened, said to her mother: “call an ambulance, my blood has gone !!”)) even the most embarrassing to remember

I was too shy to mum to mum. I barely squeezed it out of myself. And now, after 14 years, we haprosto discuss all the details of women's problems, not only with my mother but also with friends and sometimes even with men) It's even funny how I was embarrassed then

It never ceases to amaze the dissociation of the closest people. Poor girls and their stupid mothers! Do not adult women learn to communicate with their children? After all, this fear will remain for life. Naturally, my mother also didn’t say anything and I stole hygiene products. I bought tampax (easier to hide). It was furious that she never said anything to me personally, but she discussed it with her friends and relatives. Asked why she behaved like that. She replied that no one said anything to her either and that it was normal to discuss among her friends. Middle Ages.

What is there for maman such that his own daughter is afraid to say that it is natural? Mom, you see, did not say a word about it. Did not prepare the child.

Put the panties in the laundry basket.

I remember how my mother found out. All day, then screamed at me. Just like that, for no reason, I made up motives from the ceiling, and I was angry, I rushed even to run away from home.
Whether you see her enraged that the daughter has become a girl, it is necessary that forever a little Lyalka. But I now understand this, and then roared for resentment.
There are mothers who can’t say anything at all, I understand the author.

I started at 11. 5 years old. went up to mom, so and so what it is. Mom says - and you did not say anything at school. was 85 year.

say so. I understand it would be a question how dad to say.

I hate these moms. and many who are shy about children. My daughter explained to many girls from the class what was happening, she wore some pads to show, and mothers are all so white and fluffy, they don’t go down to explaining such things.

I hate these moms. and many who are shy about children. My daughter explained to many girls from the class what was happening, she wore some pads to show, and mothers are all so white and fluffy, they don’t go down to explaining such things.

Why, don't tell me. I knew one family, where my father, and not my mother, it was easier to talk with my daughter on topics of an intimate nature.

I do not know! My mother long ago told me everything. And I started at the age of 11 (and my mom is at 10, so, apparently, she told me earlier). I began immediately to my mother. True then there were no gaskets or there were already thick big ones I don’t remember, but we put the rags on us and washed them later. But before my girlfriends I HIDDEN and in the children's camps it was hard to hide! No one else then, I understood, except me.

Yes, and moreover, after a trip to a children's camp (apparently a change in ecology), I Pour the beginning! That I put thick stacks of rags in my underwear, and so sat in at my desk with thoughts so that it would not pass! And flowed for a bunch of days. I have 29, nothing has changed! Now at least there are Ketans ... and then she was squirming with pain.

I just called and said: Mom, where are the pads?

No one else then, I understood, except me.

you can say nothing, just put the pads on your shelf. Sooner or later, my mother will see them and will understand everything herself, I was so.

When I think that I will soon begin and it becomes so terribly .. help, I am afraid to tell my mother
for me THESE DAYS are very disgusting
I just have such a mother that she does not adequately respond. I am 100% sure that she will either inflate the ceremony out of this, say to dad, grandmother, girlfriend, and every other stranger so to speak. buy a cake, and these days she will be like a red calendar day, or not at all. will not explain anything, will not tell. what to do?
and I'm also very shy to my mother .. yes, I would not tell anyone
this is, of course, natural .. well, I can handle it myself!
there is money for laying. how to use, what to do - I know ..
but then mom will scream what I didn’t tell her ..

Put the gasket on her bed

Скажи ,,Мам купи прокладки"И нагло улыбнись)))

А можно не рассказывать? Отношения с мамой прохладные, боюсь очень..

моя мать мне и про месячные сама рассказывала и про секс и про предохранение и обо всем. и когда у меня начались месячные я спокойно об этом ей сказала. не понимаю я ..что в этом такого. forgive me of course .. you have been given good advice above .. if you cannot say, then throw your panties into dirty clothes (forget about the basket or in the bathroom).

I did it like this: I went up to my mother and said that I had some kind of stains on my panties, and she explained to me that it was a month. there wasn’t! so don't be afraid of the girl say either directly or mow under the fools))))) I WISH YOU ALL THE GOOD LUCK)))

My parents found out about this already for 3 months. I keep the pads in the dresser and my parents often dropped in there — clothes were washed after washing. My grandmother once started putting clothes on the dresser, op and saw the gaskets, asked: what are you, LAYING TO KNOW UP. I answered, yes, I am not a medieval person, then she told my mother about it. and nothing happened, right now, and my mother uses my gaskets, and buys the ones I want! =)

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How do I tell my mother that my period has started

The menstrual cycle is a process that occurs every month when your body prepares for pregnancy. At the beginning of the cycle, the body produces a lot of estrogen, due to which the inner layer of the uterus swells from the blood and mucus. At the same time, the ovaries release the egg cell. If her fertilized male sperm, then it will stick to the wall of the uterus. However, if the egg does not fertilize, it will be destroyed and rejected by the body. At the same time, the excessive inner layer of the uterus exfoliates, which is called the monthly.

  • As a rule, the menstrual cycle appears in girls at the age of 12-14, however there have been similar cases and, for example, in 8-year-old girls,
  • By name, it is clear what monthly regularity is meant, however, it is normal, especially at the beginning, if the monthly periods are not regular. It doesn't matter if the menstrual cycle does not start every month on one specific day. Usually, the cycle in women balances between 21 and 35 days and lasts 3-5 days.

How to tell mom that you started your period?

There are several ways:

  1. In personal communication. If you have a good, trusting relationship, then this is the best option. For a conversation you need to choose the moment when mom is alone, not busy with much business, calm. To start a conversation, you can start with an extraneous topic, but do not delay and go to the question of interest. You can immediately contact your mother: "I need to tell you something."
  2. Through the message. SMS or email. This option is good when it is uncomfortable for a girl to talk about her periods, she is shy or when her mom is so much busy that there is no opportunity to talk in person. If you decide to leave a note, then you need to be sure that no one except mom will take it. Let it be her personal place where other family members do not have access (for example, a cosmetics bag).
  3. During joint purchases. Passing by the shelves

    where personal care products lie, a girl can take pads, showing that they now also need them. Just at this moment you can and consult about what is better to choose. The disadvantage of this method is the crowded store.

  4. Through other close family of women. If you can not discuss this topic with your mother, you can resort to the help of an older sister, aunt, grandmother. They will also be able to give advice, support. If you need to ask them to tell their mother about this event.

So, if you have a question about how to tell your mother about my period, you can use one of the options.