Why the delay of menstruation with a negative pregnancy test?


A three-day delay is quite common. In the absence of specific reasons, a small failure of the menstrual cycle is a variant of the norm.

In a woman who lives sexually, this situation may indicate the occurrence of pregnancy, even with a negative result of a home test. The appearance of discharge and pulling pain in the lower abdomen can be symptom of problems in the body.

Is pregnancy possible if the test is negative?

Even if the pregnancy test conducted on the third day of delay showed a negative result, the probability of conception should not be excluded.

Often bought in pharmacies products do not detect pregnancy in the early stages. This may be due to the following factors:

  • Haste
  • Bad urine
  • Incorrect application of the test
  • Marriage test
  • Pregnancy with impaired

The principle of the test is based on the determination in the urine of the expectant mother pregnancy hormone (hCG). The level of this hormone rises every day after conception. The test results are influenced by the time of conception.

With late ovulation a woman could become pregnant immediately before the date of the onset of menstruation. In this case, at the time of the test, the hormone levels may be minimal and not cause a positive reaction in the pregnancy test. As a result, a woman will see only one strip.

If there is a woman who has sex obvious signs of pregnancy (nausea, dizziness, swelling of the mammary glands, weakness, etc.) should be re-tested after a few days, when the level of the hormone increases significantly. The use of birth control pills or the use of other methods of contraception does not preclude the possibility of pregnancy.

Violation of the integrity of the test, storage in the wrong conditions, the use of expired products and other shortcomings in the use of products may cause false negative results. Each product packaging is written instructions for use and storage of the test, the expiration date is specified. Compliance with the necessary conditions ensures reliable results.

Any pregnancy test may be poor quality and show incorrect results. The price does not matter. Often expensive specimens are less sensitive than their cheaper counterparts. To minimize the risk of buying low-quality goods, it is recommended to purchase only proven manufacturers in large pharmacy chains.

Often in the position of women observe negative test results due to the presence of problems with pregnancy. This can be caused by fetal death, the threat of miscarriage, ectopic position of the ovum.

The main reasons why pulls the lower abdomen

Pull the lower abdomen with a delay of 3 days may for the following reasons:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Threat of interruption
  • Fetal dying
  • Infections and inflammations
  • Delayed menstruation

Often, due to various medical factors, the embryo is fixed and does not begin to grow in the uterus. This inevitably leads to bleeding, if an ectopic pregnancy is not detected in a timely manner. This problem is very dangerous and requires immediate surgery.

In the early stages of statistics most often occur spontaneous abortions. This may be due to the presence of a woman of various genetic diseases or gynecological problems, with a violation in the development of the fetus itself, with severe stresses or increased physical exertion, etc.

For a variety of reasons, the embryo may not be viable and die. In this situation, nagging pains will be a symptom of inflammatory process. A woman with missed abortion must undergo a cleaning procedure, as a result of which the remains of the frozen fetus will be removed.

Lower abdominal pain may be triggered. a wide range of gynecological problems: cysts, thrush, endometriosis, genital diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, etc.), myoma, inflammation of the appendages and ovaries, oncology and others. Often, in the presence of inflammation and infection, there is stinging, burning, pain when urinating and during intercourse.

Many women have nagging pains in the lower abdomen. sign of approaching menstruation. After a day or two after the appearance of such sensations and while maintaining a negative test result, menstruation may begin.

White discharge on delay

White discharge in small quantities can be periodically observed in any woman. The reason for concern is the constant nature of the discharge, their abundance, the appearance of smell, change in consistency (cheesy character).

Similar problems can occur in the presence of inflammatory, infectious diseases or hormonal imbalance. Delay in negative test and appearance uncharacteristic white discharge is the reason for the appeal to the gynecologist.

In a pregnant woman at an early period, white discharge without additional warning signs may indicate an exacerbated chronic thrush or a cork formation.

For any unusual discharge need to see a doctor.

Body temperature 37

Increased body temperature on day 3 of delay may indicate pregnancywhich is not determined by the test. In future mothers in the early stages of a fever is quite common.

Another reason could be the presence of the inflammatory process in the body. In this case, additional symptoms will be observed, in addition to delaying and raising the temperature.

Delay of menstruation - test negative: causes other than pregnancy

So, if a woman did not believe the first test, made a dozen more for control, but they all confirmed the absence of pregnancy, you need to analyze the situation and try to find the cause of the failure. The absence of menstruation can be caused by the following conditions:

  • Infectious diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases suffered in the last month. Severe illnesses can provoke hormonal imbalance, which ultimately leads to a slight delay in menstruation.
  • Regular intake of oral contraceptives. The use of contraceptive pills often provoke violations of the monthly cycle, especially with a frivolous approach to the rules of taking the drug. Skipping a regular pill can cause hormonal disruption and result in the fact that your period will not come in due time.
  • If the failure of the menstrual cycle is noted in the postpartum period, this condition is explained by the restoration of the body and the reproductive system as a whole. Women know that during a few months after the birth of a child, periods can be completely absent. Breastfeeding of the infant is another additional factor inhibiting ovulation. The mother's body needs time to stabilize the hormones and the period began to come regularly.
  • Another common cause of delay and cycle instability is obesity or, on the contrary, underweight. In this case, you need to deal directly with the problem that affects the fluctuations of the hormonal background. An experienced nutritionist will help you choose the best diet for those who want to lose weight and make a complete diet for those women who suffer from excessive thinness.

Monthly delay for 7 days

Minor delays in regulatives do not cause much concern, but if during a negative pregnancy test, menstruation does not come within a week, the reasons can be much more serious.

One of them - adherence to strict diets, when a woman seeks to lose weight at any cost, depriving themselves of essential nutrients and vitamins. If you sit on such a diet for a long time, vitamin deficiency and depletion of the body are guaranteed. So do not be surprised at the violation of the cycle and hope that everything is formed by itself. The body, with a decrease in body weight below the set bar, simply does not give a command to the menarche, and in pursuit of the ideal figure, a woman risks completely disrupting the menstrual cycle, and the delay can reach several months.

A serious stressful situation, constant psycho-emotional overstrain, nervous breakdowns, conflicts at home and at work can be a cause provoking a delay of menstruation for 5–7 days. Such situations extremely adversely affect the nervous system and the woman's body as a whole, causing disruptions in the functioning of the uterus and ovaries. As a result of the constant influence of the stress factor, the delay of the monthly for a week becomes a common phenomenon.

Excessive exercise also contributes to menstrual disorders. So, if a woman, accustomed to a quiet and measured life, begins to actively engage in sports or dancing, then during the period of adaptation of the organism to new conditions, temporary cycle disorders are quite possible.

Monthly delay for 10 days with a negative test: reasons

If the arrival of menstruation is delayed for up to 10 days, you should consult a gynecologist and find out what caused the failure of the cycle.

First of all, you should pay attention to the state of the endocrine system. It is possible that the reason - in the imbalance of hormones, metabolic disorders, the development of diseases of the thyroid gland.

The reasons provoking a long delay can be a source of infection in the body, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs and other gynecological pathologies. In order to exclude such conditions, a woman needs to undergo a full-fledged medical examination, which will make it possible to make the correct diagnosis and start treatment promptly.

Very often, the absence of regul is observed after an abortion. Intervention associated with curettage of the uterus and removal of the ovum, provokes a hormonal imbalance in the body, which has already begun to prepare for the upcoming motherhood. The result - menstrual irregularities and other unpleasant complications that undermine women's health. It will take some time to restore the disturbed hormonal background, so you have to be patient and pay increased attention to the state of the sexual sphere.

The most harmless factor that can cause a long delay is the adaptation of the organism to new living conditions. This may be due to moving to another city or country, rest in hot countries with unusual climatic conditions. In this case, there is no reason for particular concern, the body will soon become accustomed to the changed external conditions, and the next periods will come in time.

Monthly delay for 15 days

In a situation where the delay in menstruation is stretched for 2 weeks, and the test is negative, the reason may be incorrect intake of hormonal contraceptives or certain drugs. Not excluded and gynecological problems. In such a situation, the gynecologist should definitely appear as soon as possible.

Often, such failures occur in women over the age of 45, on the threshold of menopause. During this period, ovarian function gradually fades away, ovulation is irregular, and there comes a time when it does not occur at all. The cycle is disrupted, and the delays of regs are becoming more frequent. At the same time, the characteristic symptoms of menopause appear - irritability, hot flashes, and chronic diseases are exacerbated. You shouldn’t put up with a deterioration in your well-being, since today effective methods of hormone replacement therapy have been developed that will support a woman in this difficult period and help her pass without any problems.

Dangerous conditions with delayed menstruation

When the delay of menstruation may indicate the development of conditions that are dangerous to the health and life of a woman? We list the possible pathology:

  • Polycystic ovary. Ovaries affected by cystic formations are not able to ensure the stability of ovulation, therefore the regulations may be too abundant or, on the contrary, be absent, and the monthly cycle itself may be constantly disturbed. Detect cysts can be on the pelvic ultrasound. If the delay and other violations of the cycle occur constantly, the woman should be examined as soon as possible.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. If a woman complains of pain in the lower abdomen, general malaise, nausea, weakness, she can be suspected of an ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the fertilized egg does not penetrate into the uterus, but is attached to the walls of the ovary, where it begins to develop, which is fraught with rupture of the ovary and extensive internal bleeding. This is a dangerous condition that, in the absence of timely assistance, threatens a woman’s life and requires urgent surgical intervention.
  • Gynecological diseases of inflammatory nature. The reason for their development can be banal hypothermia. If the delay in menstruation is accompanied by symptoms such as nagging, cutting pains in the abdomen, the appearance of discharge, painful and frequent urination, fever, itching and irritation in the genital area, seek medical attention. Such manifestations may indicate the development of vaginitis, colpitis, adnexitis, and several other pathologies. If you do not start treatment of the inflammatory process in a timely manner, it can become chronic and cause adhesions and other lesions of the appendages, which increases the risk of infertility.

Delayed menstruation can be triggered by endometriosis of the uterus, myoma, inflammation of the bladder (cystitis), pituitary adenoma. In some cases, the cause may be cancer. In any case, the violation of the cycle is a serious cause for concern, requiring timely treatment to the doctor.

What to do with a negative test and delayed menstruation?

Cycle failure and delayed menstruation can occur for many reasons, but this symptom should not be ignored. If the delays are insignificant and there are no warning signs indicating an inflammatory process, you should reconsider your lifestyle, adjust your diet, avoid stress, abandon rigid diets and bad habits. After reducing the load, restore proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, the menstrual cycle is normalized.

In the case when the delay is impressive - from 5 to 15 days, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist and undergo an examination. During the examination, the doctor will take a smear for analysis and will give direction to laboratory tests of blood and urine. If necessary, the patient will be offered to do an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, which will allow to reveal an ovarian cyst, myoma and other pathologies of the reproductive system.

If a hormonal imbalance is detected, the gynecologist will prescribe a course of drug treatment. With a deficiency of progesterone, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, drug Duphaston is usually prescribed. If cycle disturbances are caused by the approach of menopause, the woman should be under the supervision of a physician and if she has unpleasant symptoms accompanying this period, she will be offered a course of hormone replacement therapy.

Doctors urge not to self-medicate and not to use dubious folk recipes, because so much valuable time can be missed, when an illness can still be defeated in the early stages.

The reasons for the absence of menstruation with a negative pregnancy test

A delay is considered the absence of menstruation by the due date of more than 3 days.

If the bleeding is delayed for a day - two or failure has occurred only in one cycle, then this is usually not a reason for anxiety. Minor changes occur with hormonal fluctuations or are a physiological feature of the female body.

In the case of delayed menstruation for more than three days, it is first necessary to exclude the occurrence of pregnancy. This will help special tests and analysis of the level of hCG. A negative result is a reason to contact a gynecologist. At the same time, a woman should pay attention to her general well-being, to pain in the urogenital system, to the amount and consistency of secretions. These data will help the doctor to determine the cause of the delay and to make an accurate diagnosis.


The hormonal background and, accordingly, the menstrual cycle is affected by taking any hormonal drugs. It can be:

  • birth control pills (Lindinet, Janine, Yarin),
  • emergency contraception (Zhenale, Postinor, Eskapel),
  • drugs that stimulate ovulation, and drugs that improve hormonal levels (Klostilbegit, Duphaston).

Cycle failures are based on differences in hormonal levels due to the effects of the constituent components of the medication or due to violations of the regimen of medication, when a woman independently changes the daily dose or forgets about taking the drug in time.

Нередко задержка месячных происходит при употреблении алкоголя в период лечения гормонами.

Не только гормональные препараты способны влиять на цикл. На стабильности месячных отражается также приём следующих лекарств:

  • антикоагулянты (средства, разжижающие кровь),
  • antidepressants
  • кровоостанавливающие медикаменты,
  • antibiotics.

Пью Жанин 8 мес, во время очередной отмены месячные не пришли. Нужно было начинать новую упаковку таблеток, но я не стала. Задержка 3 недели, сделала 3 теста в разные дни — тесты отрицательные.



I drank postinor on the last day of menstruation. It was December 8th, after 5 days there were bleeding a couple of days. For January 11, there is no monthly. Very worried.

Anya Smirnova


I take Duphaston from day 16-25. The month spent on drink without problems, and for 2 months I didn’t come after receiving Duphaston. Did tests, they are negative.



In case of delay as a result of taking the drugs, it is necessary to immediately inform the gynecologist who prescribed the medication. You may have to change the drug or the whole tactic of therapy.

Stressful situations

Fatigue, nervous strain have a negative impact on women's health and can be factors in the failure of the menstrual cycle. In case of chronic stress, delays can be regular.

Sometimes even insignificant stress can disrupt the cycle, for example, exams or relocation. This is due to the failure of the pituitary gland.

Delays in stress usually last a week or two. In case of a nervous overstrain it is necessary to adjust the mode of rest and get advice of the psychiatrist. Doctor's recommendations will help to gain peace of mind, after which he will return to normal and menstrual cycle.

Girls, but it’s not at all clear to me that there was a lot of stress (then there were family problems with my parents, and I was very worried, I cried every day ...), and so the menstrual days started a whole week earlier and went only 2 days (although usually lasting 6–7 days), and after that already 2 weeks delay.



Intrauterine device

The presence of the spiral affects the monthly periods in the following cases:

  • in case of violations of its location,
  • during installation and after removal,
  • as a result of the use of the hormonal coil.

Immediately after the helix was set, a one-time failure of the cycle is possible due to the mechanical effect on the uterine lining. However, if a woman chooses a hormonal coil - in 20% of cases there is a complete absence of menstruation for the entire period of the contraceptive's life.

A delay in the first year of wearing a non-hormonal coil may indicate pregnancy. This is possible, albeit rare.

Cycle failures due to the presence of a spiral corrects gynecologist.

Excess or lack of weight

The menstrual cycle has problems with body mass index. With a BMI below 18 and above 25, a hormonal imbalance occurs, which leads to a delay in menstruation from two days to several months.

Adequate endocrine system functioning is possible with the balance of adipose tissue in the body. When excessive fat accumulation occurs, fluctuations in estrogen begin, which, in turn, adversely affects women's health.

With a critically low / high weight, a serious cycle violation occurs with a constant absence of menstrual bleeding. Normalization of body mass index by adjusting nutrition and regular exercise often allows you to cope with the problem. If necessary, there is always the opportunity to seek help from a professional nutritionist.

I did not have one and a half months with growth of 161 and weight of 47 kg. I was 25 years old. As soon as I got to 50, everything came.



Lactation period

The level of estrogen during lactation is subject to constant fluctuations. If the first menstruation after childbirth came during breastfeeding, then the menstrual cycle is likely to be irregular.

Long delays during lactation depend on the high postpartum level of prolactin, which inhibits the maturation of the eggs. But gradually the ovaries will begin to return to normal, the balance of hormones in the female body will be restored.

Delay in menstruation for a period of 20 days to three months in middle-aged women can be a sign of the onset of menopause. This means that the reproductive system of the body smoothly stops full operation.

Cycle failures are characteristic of premenopause. At the same time, there is normally not a sharp cessation of menstruation, but a gradual decrease in discharge with an increasing sequence of delays from month to month.

Cycle failures due to menopause corrects gynecologist.

Biological clock failure

For a regular menstrual cycle, a measured lifestyle in the usual time zone and the familiar climate zone is important. Frequent travels, flights, night shifts at work can cause a failure in the body's biological clock.

Normalize well-being and restore hormonal balance will help return to the usual rhythm of life.

Delays are normal if they are irregular. I had a delay of more than two weeks 2 months ago. Tests took place almost every day, and everything is negative. She finally got her period, and after they finished, I decided to check with the gynecologist just in case, as she considered it abnormal. The gynecologist said that everything is normal, and explained that this happens, it can be influenced by various factors - climate change, nerves, stress, lack of sleep, cold, etc.



Artificial abortion

Delayed menstruation may be a complication after an abortion. Gross intervention in the natural reproductive process of the female body upsets the balance of hormones, which is the reason for the failure of the menstrual cycle. Mechanical damage to the endometrium and severe emotional stress are additional factors for hormonal imbalance.

If menstruation does not occur within a month after surgery, the gynecologist should conduct an additional examination and prescribe appropriate treatment.

I had an abortion on August 9, on August 15 I had bleeding and began to pull my lower abdomen, turned to the doctor, told me to drink pills, cut everything, came again, and the doctor said with relief that the uterus had decreased. And still do not go monthly, very worried.



What can be considered a delay

The normal monthly cycle for a healthy woman is the 26-32 day period, provided that the duration of menstruation is the same every time. The delay in menstruation for 2-3 days indicates the presence of abnormalities in the functioning of the body.

A pregnancy test is based on determining the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). After attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus, the process of secretion of this hormone begins. By about 7–10 days after fertilization, its concentration in the mother’s blood increases. In the composition of the urine of a pregnant woman, hCG is recognized unchanged. It is for this reason that the dough strip is dipped into the urine.

The most favorable period for the test is the time from the second week after conception, that is, with a delay of 2 months or more. The maximum amount of hCG is contained in the morning urine, so the test is best done after waking up. However, modern supersensitive devices allow you to do this at any time of the day.

If the delay is 2 days or a little longer, but at the same time the test is negative, this situation may be due to several reasons. For example, the testimony of the test affects the amount of recently drunk water.

High fluid intake reduces urine hCG concentration.

When the delay is 2 days, and the pregnancy test is negative, it is possible that the pregnancy has come, but its duration is small. The content of hCG in the urine does not exceed the threshold of sensitivity, and this is the reason that the test produces only one strip. And, perhaps, the device is expired - you should study the information on the package before buying it.

It should not be excluded that the test was conducted incorrectly. Before using it, you must carefully read the instructions.

What to do if the delay of 2 months, and the test gives one strip? In any case, it is recommended to repeat it after 3 days. Perhaps, then it will turn out to see the test positive. In addition, to detect pregnancy in the short term, you can perform a blood test for hCG in the laboratory. Do not worry if such a delay happened for the first time. Delays that recur every month are cause for concern.

Reasons for regular delays

In that case, if the monthly delayed all the time, it can be an alarming symptom. No need to try to cope with the problem yourself with the help of folk remedies or other methods. You must visit a doctor who will prescribe an examination of the body in order to identify the causes of such deviations. The factors leading to the fact that the monthly may be delayed are listed below:

  • state of stress
  • weight gain or reduction
  • malfunctions in the endocrine system.

There are such periods in the life of a woman when she has enough reasons to worry. Restlessness in the first stage of the menstrual cycle leads to the fact that the body becomes unable to produce the required amount of hormones. Ovulation occurs much later and, as a result, menstruation is delayed. Not surprisingly, the test will be negative. In this case, the woman is recommended to relax more and, if possible, to restore her emotional state.

In the case when a woman has recently lost a lot of weight or, on the contrary, was getting better, hormonal disruption may occur, which will cause a delay in menstruation. Often, girls in the fight against excess weight abuse diets that deplete the body and lead to violations of the cycle.

There are serious diseases of the thyroid gland that affect the menstrual cycle. A competent gynecologist, who was approached by a woman about regular monthly delays, would definitely recommend that she visit an endocrinologist.

Thyroid disease

The thyroid gland produces hormones that ensure the normal functioning of the female reproductive system. Violations of the hormonal background leads to a delay of menstruation. This condition is the first signal that the thyroid gland is not working properly, that is, for some reason it is not able to cope with its immediate functions.

A fairly common disease in modern women is hypothyroidism - insufficient thyroid activity. Along with increased fatigue, from which even daytime sleep does not save, weakness and weight gain, such women note menstrual disorders in themselves, or rather, menstruation delay. With this disease, they can come from 2 to 6 times a year. In severe advanced cases, menstruation stops altogether.

The sooner the treatment of this disease begins, the faster the menstrual cycle will be restored. Therefore, when the above symptoms appear, and in order to find out why menstruation does not occur, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Symptoms of ovarian dysfunction

When ovarian dysfunction occurs, they impair hormone production under the influence of endocrine diseases or inflammations. In this disease, the menstrual cycle is significantly lengthened (more than 35 days) or shortened (21 days or less), which can cause the occurrence of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility and other diseases.

Symptoms of ovarian dysfunction:

  • irregular scanty or, on the contrary, intensive periods,
  • very short (less than 21 days) cycle
  • pulls the abdomen down and in the lumbar region both in the days of menstruation and before them, as well as in the days of ovulation,
  • PMS is especially difficult
  • amenorrhea.

When women shorten the menstrual cycle, women are often interested in the question of how to delay menstruation, because frequent bleeding negatively affects their quality of life.

Against the background of ovarian dysfunction, severe PMS develops, manifested by weakness, depression and abdominal pains that have a pulling character.

A frequent satellite of this pathology is amenorrhea. This is a condition in which menstruation does not occur for 6 months or more.

Symptoms of polycystic ovary

Polycystic ovarian disease is a pathology characterized by the formation of numerous cysts in the ovaries and the absence of menstruation. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • scanty periods
  • infertility,
  • regular monthly delays
  • weight gain
  • acne and hair loss.

For menstruation with polycystic is characterized by such a picture: after a delay, the monthly 2 days are present and stop again for a long period.

Ectopic pregnancy

A delay of two days or more with a negative test may indicate ectopic pregnancy. In this pathology, the fertilized egg is attached to the mucous membrane of the fallopian tube and develops there. Gradually increasing in size, it puts pressure on the tube, and after a few weeks there are signs that the pregnancy is developing incorrectly.

Against the background of this pathology, when a woman's period is delayed, a woman pulls the lower abdomen in one side or in the middle. There are also bloody discharge. If such symptoms occur, if the monthly periods are delayed, you should immediately visit a doctor. Timely ultrasound of the pelvic organs will help to identify the pathology at an early stage and prevent the rupture of the tube. But unfortunately, when ectopic pregnancy surgery for its dressing is inevitable.

Sometimes the test reveals an ectopic pregnancy and a positive result.

Thus, 2 days of delayed menstruation may indicate not only pregnancy, but also serious pathologies in the woman’s body. Therefore, when anxiety symptoms appear, you should not be frivolous about your health and postpone a visit to the doctor.

The main reasons for the delay of the monthly - video

Short-term and one-time delay of menstruation are not the reason for visiting the doctor. However, in the event of a sudden change in the cycle, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. After all, we can talk about serious diseases of the female body. To identify the causes of failure and the establishment of an accurate diagnosis will require additional examination of specialists.

What is the menstrual cycle

The process that provides reproductive function in each woman is called the menstrual cycle. The length of this period will differ in each case. Averageeits duration isfrom 23 to 35 days.

For the reproductive function of the cerebral cortex. Information is transmitted to the pituitary gland, allowing it to produce hormones necessary for normal functioning of the ovaries and uterus.

Menstruation is a cyclical process. The absence of another bleeding - a reason to think

The whole cycle is divided into two phases, between which ovulation occurs:

  1. Follicular - starts from the first day of menstrual bleeding. During this period, the female body is preparing for a possible pregnancy. In the ovaries, the process of maturation of the new egg. The duration of this phase is 15–20 days.
  2. Luteal, or the corpus luteum phase - occurs after ovulation and lasts 12-16 days. Mature egg goes into the abdominal cavity. It is during this period that fertilization can occur if the female cell encounters a sperm cell. The cycle ends with the onset of the next menstrual bleeding.

As a rule, most women have a fixed cycle time (28 days on average). Therefore, it is possible to easily calculate when the menstrual bleeding begins next time. A normal deviation of 2-3 days is considered. If there is a delay of more than 5 days, first of all it is necessary to do a pregnancy test. A negative result is a reason to consult a gynecologist.

Why does not another menstruation occur? There may be several reasons.

Drug therapy

The duration of the menstrual cycle may be affected by certain medications:

  1. Birth control pills. Small deviations from the norm during the period of use of such medicines are considered the norm. For drugs that can provoke a delay in menstruation, include:
    • Diane 35
    • Novinet,
    • Jess
    • Yarin,
    • Lindinet

Medicine has a history of pregnancy even after taking emergency contraception. Therefore you should contact your local gynecologist.

  • Antidepressants, drugs for the treatment of oncology, as well as antibiotics. However, some experts in this regard have their own opinion. The absence of menstruation can develop against the background of pathological processes occurring in the body. The medications used, in their opinion, have nothing to do with. Some hormonal preparations can affect the reproductive function (Duphaston, Cyclodinone, Clostilbegit). Medicines from this group can be used strictly under the supervision of a specialist.
  • If the delay is observed on the background of drug therapy, no special action should be taken. The situation will recover after cessation of treatment with the listed drugs. But to inform the gynecologist about the situation that arises is still worth it.

    Neurosis and stress

    Examinations, problems at work, quarrels with relatives - all this can lead to a change in the hormonal background of the woman, and at the same time to the delay of menstruation for more than a week. Физическое переутомление также способно спровоцировать угнетение репродуктивной функции. Дополнительно проявляются следующие симптомы:

    • headaches,
    • слабость,
    • dizziness,
    • nausea,
    • нарушения сна,
    • стремительная потеря веса.

    У 40% женщин, профессионально занимающихся спортом, наблюдаются проблемы с репродуктивной функцией.

    Женщинам в этом случае показано полноценное питание и отдых. В наиболее тяжёлых ситуациях приходиться принимать антидепрессанты. Лечение проводится терапевтом.

    Как правило, после нормализации психологического и физического состояния менструальный цикл восстанавливается.

    Weight problems

    With the violation of reproductive function, many women are overweight. Menstrual bleeding comes irregularly or completely absent.

    The hypothalamus is a department of the brain responsible for the performance of all organs and tissues of the body, in particular for reproductive function

    With a weight of more than 100 kg, the hypothalamus (brain compartment) completely blocks the production of estrogen by the ovaries.

    Estrogens (female sex hormones) are normally produced not only in the ovaries, but also in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

    Correct the situation will help correct weight loss program developed by a nutritionist. Treatment should be under the supervision of a gynecologist.

    Can not be called useful and sharp weight loss. The body perceives such a situation as exhaustion. In this case, female sex hormones begin to be produced in smaller quantities. Trendy diets can also lead to the development of avitaminosis, which also affects reproductive function. To solve the problem, you must start to eat fully.

    The period after childbirth and lactation

    After the baby is born, the female body must restore reproductive function. Therefore, for several months after childbirth, menstruation is absent. In most cases, no bleeding is observed and throughout the entire period of lactation (breastfeeding).

    There is a chance, though small, to get pregnant during lactation. Therefore, a woman who does not plan to conceive soon after birth, it is worth thinking about a good method of contraception.

    During lactation, reproductive function is inhibited, so there are no monthly

    Typically, the menstrual cycle returns to normal after stopping breastfeeding. However, experts do not recommend immediately planning the next pregnancy. Fully female body is restored only 2 years after childbirth..

    Climax (menopause) - is the extinction of the reproductive function of women. For many, this process begins with the delay of menstruation for weeks and even months. Other unpleasant symptoms include:

    • sleep disturbances
    • dry vagina
    • excessive sweating
    • mood swings
    • pulling pains in lower abdomen.

    Menopause condition is not pathological. This is a normal life process. If the described symptoms do not allow a woman to lead a normal life, you should seek help from a gynecologist who will prescribe suitable vitamins and herbal remedies.

    Reviews of women faced with a similar problem

    I had a delay of 10 days. I took calcium vitamins. Everything is calculated to fly to the sea at the end of menstruation (I have never been mistaken before), but there are none as they are, although there are all the signs of pmees. And such a thing as the presence of such signs and the absence of menstruation, often means pregnancy. Well, what to do, flew off to rest, and a week later came monthly. They explained to me that this is due to calcium.

    a guest


    I have a cycle of 30–31 days, I recently passed the session, I had to travel to another city by buses 6 hours back and forth. Of course, there was stress and a delay, I didn’t delay and went to the gynecologist right away, passed all tests, everything is fine ) A week later they began)) The doctor said that stress.



    I had such that 4 months there was no M. Absolutely no features, I felt fine, they just did not come. When I went to the doctor and on the ultrasound, they said that the picture corresponds to phase 1 ... There was a hormonal failure. Then they came themselves.



    Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

    Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

    Many had doubts. A visit to the gynecologist allowed them.

    6 days is not a big delay. Early panicking.

    I had a delay of 12 days and denied. tests. Generally tests such garbage. If in doubt, go pass HCG. If there is no doubt, wait a bit more, because ovulation could be late.

    can a test done early?
    they say that at least 14 days after conception the truth can tell a truth.

    I had a delay of 14 days in the past month. and nothing-come month.

    My last periods were 27 February. delay already two weeks. 2 tests are both negative. I think in a nervous environment. so I wait. but another test at the end of the week bought)

    Related topics

    you are not pregnant, just late ovulation was, and pregnancy tests begin to show early, and you have 6 days delay. 99% no pregnancy, wait for menstruation. I also had a delay for a week, I thought I was pregnant, the tests were negative, although for a year in which the cycle was clearly 28 days, not a single delay even for a day, and then a week, just ovulation started late.

    Oh, I also had a delay of 3 days this month, I was exhausted all over, made 4 tests and all were negative, never before there were no delays. On the fourth day, when I had already spat on everything and thought whether it was going to come monthly. So everything will be fine, do not wind yourself, I think this is due to the change of weather.

    At 15 o'clock today, 12th and 13th of April, you can see and ask questions to your doctors. http://citycelebrity.ru/citycelebrity/TeleOnline.aspx?ccUrl= http://cc.divite.ru/event/index/id/25/iframe/true

    I had a delay once for 3 weeks, it was spring, avitominoz, nerves, etc .. Even the blood went to donate to HCG - nothing, everything is in order. Do not worry, and if it does not work, then go to the doctor and calm down then.

    Tomorrow I'll go to the doctor to finally calm down :) and then the nerves are at the limit)) I hope that this is just the effect of changing the weather)

    Good evening. I have a delay of 6 days, the tests are negative. but I also often have a headache and nausea. I do not even know what to think. Help.

    I'll tell you my case. I’ve had a delay of 10 days, although the cycle was stable for 28 days. Tests are negative, but I went to the ultrasound and the doctor said that the blood point in the uterus is very similar to the embryo, I thought I would go crazy, because The pregnancy was not planned and protected. Signs were: I started to run to the toilet often, I woke up right at night, although my urine was checked for inflammation, nothing was found. There was more, drowsiness appeared and so on, I thought I was already pregnant. HCG, today came a negative result! My stomach started to hurt, during I am waiting for menstruation, do not pull the girls, it is better to immediately donate blood and calm down!

    And how much does it cost to take on hCG?

    The author, the fact is that I am not in Russia, so I will not tell you the cost ..

    Sorry, just with the finances right now. while I wait a little longer, I bought the test and I will do it in 2 days, let's see what it shows.

    Author, then write down what result .. I will also write, I still worry about it anyway, because everyone had laboratory errors))) if by the end of the week the monthly periods do not start, I’ll go to the ultrasound again, it bothers me what the point is in my womb ..

    Yes, I myself worry ((never was this (((

    I have only 2 days delay. and so the chest noet. before the 1st pregnancy also began to hurt. however, after the termination of the GW, the monsters began to ache, but not so. I didn’t touch it, only with a week delay I took it out on the ultrasound right away, didn’t see it, it didn’t immediately see the egg in the uterus. The egg came down already. My head was bursting with thoughts: yes or no. I won’t give up. I don’t want to. I’ll wait. , will it not hurt one thing to another, haven't finished it yet and the treatment has not been prescribed yet

    Today, on April 13, at 15.00, a meeting with the gynecologist-obstetrician Vinokurova Elena Yurievna (Polyclinic MEPI) will be held live. In real time, you can not only listen to a unique lecture of an experienced female health specialist, but also ask your questions in a special chat (registration is required).
    Elena Vinokurova will talk about the main methods of contraception, which is always good to remember on the eve of the hot season. It will also explain how the right method of protection can help improve both appearance and well-being. What is the secret of painless menstruation, beautiful skin, strong nails and hair, as well as stable romantic relationships √ all this you will learn from the newsgroup on the site http://citycelebrity.ru/citycelebrity/TeleOnline.aspx?ccUrl= http: // cc .divite.ru / event / index / id / 25 / iframe / true

    The author, so what. did you do the test ?? what are the results ??

    Today I woke up early, did a test - the result is negative, I didn’t know what to think .. after about an hour my period came !! =)))) Hooray, finally everything was resolved)) so many nerves exhausted myself these days ..

    Author, congratulations !! And I have no periods: (

    girls good luck to you.

    Hello, I have a delay of 13 days. My back sometimes hurts my stomach. In the late afternoon, especially if I have defied my son (he is a year and a half). My husband has not been protected since the 30th of last month, we really want a daughter and we will be happy to have a son I was tested in gynecology, everything was normal. I woke up yesterday morning and on the daily a little bit of brown lesions. What is it? Can there be a pregnancy? negative tests: (((and yes even a strange rash on the body, before this was not when: ((((

    Hello! I have a huge question, the delay is about 6-9 days, there seems to be no signs of pregnancy, 2 tests show negatively, I have already exhausted everything. The truth, right before their planned arrival, was very nervous and brought the 30 and kilogram dog after the operation to the 4th floor. Could this cause a delay.

    Hello to all! Delay 23 day did 4 test all orits. earlier the delay was 5 or 10 days. sometimes the stomach doesn’t hurt a little; I want to go for an ultrasound, but I'm afraid they will tell me that there is nothing there, tell me what to do? can tests lie? please write to everyone good luck.

    Hello everyone! And what is this test for HCG?

    Hello! Please tell me, I have a 13 day delay. 2 tests showed negative, can I be pregnant?

    Hello Tell me please, I have a delay of 18 months. on the 3rd and 11th day did the test - negative. I have been eating constantly for the last week. recently there was a temperature, after a meal constantly belching or heartburn, began to go to a toilet more often. Can i be pregnant

    Hello girls. I have this problem .. Delay 4 day .. on the 2 day delay and today I did the test-negative! Sex was on the 8th day. 10 days ago. I don’t know what to think. (There was a delay this spring, Exactly 4 days, but permena weather, etc, and now I do not understand) Late ovulation or pregnancy can and if the pregnancy test for such a short period would show. Tell me. worried

    I have 27 days backlog, and the tests show negatively. What is it?

    The test may be negative, but pregnancy is still there. I had this, the test showed the presence of pregnancy a week after the expected period of menstruation, i.e. the delay was already a week and even an ultrasound done on the 5th day of the delay did not show anything. Now sonny 11 months.

    Hello! I have a delay of 18 days. Did the tests, all negative. I am pregnant?

    Help. I understand that it is stupid, but still. Sex was protected, but there is a delay of 6 days. I did a test-negative. There are no signs of pregnancy. What is it?
    Very worried, already a week nervous.

    Hello! I have a delay of 13 days .. I did 2 test-negatives. my chest hurts a little .. recently there was a slight temperature. can i get pregnant

    Everybody, Everybody, Everybody! In order not to suffer, it is necessary to donate blood from a vein to HCG - this can even be done without going to the gynecologist. This is the only solution that somehow calms. In St. Petersburg it costs 400 rubles. But it's worth it. The last time, when the delay was 13 days, and I really wanted to get pregnant, I did the purchase tests every day, firstly I almost lost my mind, and secondly for the money a large amount.

    Girls! I have 8 days delay! 3 test and all negative! Rash on the body, there are white discharge.

    I had a delay for 42 days. I went to the gynecologist. She felt and said that there was an ultrasound. They didn’t find anything, they said to come in 10 days and the tests were negative.

    girls I have a delay of 3 week the test shows negative and more milk due to them may be so I want a second

    I have my own story. I have a delay of 13 days, and the test is negative and the light chocolate discharge has gone. What should I do? Tell me please.

    I had a delay for 42 days. I went to the gynecologist. She felt and said that there was an ultrasound. They didn’t find anything, they said to come in 10 days and the tests were negative.

    and I have a delay of 6 days and the test is also negative, I already have two sons and with them the test showed everything. but now I don’t know what to think, whether pregnant or not

    I have a delay of 14 days, the test showed a negative. Immediately went to the geneticist. On examination, the doctor said that there was a chance of pregnancy. Appointed to drink folic acid and vitamin E, do another test and come to her in a week. Now I follow the recommendations of the doctor and I am very worried. I really want the pregnancy to be confirmed, because I want a child with my husband. I will go to the genealogist in a week, I think everything will be fine.

    Hello. I have a delay of almost three months, I bought three tests all negative. What could it be?

    Hello. I have a delay of almost three months, I bought three tests all negative. What could it be?

    Itself such a 20 days and negative tests, what to think?

    you have to go to the girl’s doctor, and then you will think, and the sooner the better, at the 13-day delay itself, she made 4 negative tests, there were no failures with her monthly periods, and when she was pregnant with her son, the test immediately showed positive, after 5 seconds, the term was 3 weeks, I signed up for an ultrasound at the clinic on May 7, I can't wait.

    I have a delay of 20 days, the tests are negative. pills for a cold, and there are still no monthly ones. Tell me what to do?

    if a rash, and discharge is most likely an infection.

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