Is it possible to engage in intimacy during menstruation?


Sex and menstruation are compatible concepts, but there are several “buts” that every woman should know about in order to maintain her health. Many representatives of the fair sex note increased sexual attraction during critical days. This is due to changes in hormonal levels. And some men do not want to put up with a few "empty" days. Is everything so simple and safe as it may seem at first glance? Can I have sex on the first day of menstruation, or is it better to wait for a couple?

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What do doctors think about sex during menstruation

Normally, menstruation lasts from three to five to seven days. Moreover, the countdown of the cycle begins with the appearance of even minimal bleeding. Therefore, answering the question whether it is safe and comfortable for yourself and a partner to have sex on the first day of your period, doctors answer in the affirmative, but only in the case of insignificant bleeding of a “smearing” character.

Making love for 2 - 4 days of bleeding can contribute to increased secretions up to the need for medical care, especially in the following cases:

  • if a woman has an inflammatory process in the cervix (for example, ectropion, erosion, polyp),
  • in the presence of fibroids, especially with submucous arrangement of nodes (in the submucosal layer from the side of the uterus cavity),
  • definition of polyps in the uterus,
  • with papillomas of the vagina and vulva,
  • with malignant neoplasms on the cervix,
  • in violation of blood clotting in women.

If you have sex on the first day of menstruation, as well as over the next 3-5 days, you can provoke loss of the intrauterine device, especially in women after several pregnancies and childbirth.

Intimate relationships on the 5th - 7th day are possible. In some cases, this will lead to the early completion of the month. However, it is during this period that the chances of pregnancy increase.

Threats from making love on “these” days

Features of critical days that make you think about the need for sex during this period:

  • In order that the endometrium, which is rejected by the inner uterus, can freely leave the cavity along with the blood, the cervix of the organ opens its cervical canal slightly. This is especially clearly seen in women after 2 or more births, which is associated with injuries and tears. On ordinary days, the cervix is ​​closed, and the canal is filled with mucus - all this is protection against the penetration of pathogens.
  • The inner lining of the uterus "bare", which ensures the smooth flow of pathogenic microorganisms in its deep layers. Subsequently, it is fraught with chronic endometritis.
  • With blood, pathogens can enter the abdominal cavity, causing inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes. In the future, this may lead to adhesions in the pelvis, infertility, chronic adnexitis, etc.
  • The blood itself is the ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Therefore, even a minimal number of bacteria or viruses can lead to serious diseases.
  • Some STIs are transmitted in 90% of cases with blood - HIV, hepatitis B. Therefore, sex during the first day of menstruation and all subsequent ones increases the chances of contracting these diseases several times.

It becomes clear why some nations consider women “these days” “dirty”, and religion forbids them to have any sex during menstruation.

Hygiene rules for love during menstruation

If the desire to make love exceeds all patience, you should follow certain rules in personal hygiene in order to minimize the possible consequences of such contact. What is recommended to do:

  • Both men and women should take a shower before sexual intimacy, thoroughly washing out the inner thighs, buttocks and genitals. As for douching, the views of gynecologists are divided on this issue. Some argue that it is harmless and necessary. Others are categorically against this procedure during menstruation, citing the high risk of infection penetrating through the cervical canal open at this time into the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and abdominal cavity. The choice remains for the woman.
  • It is advisable to use barrier methods of contraception on critical days. First, it is the prevention of infections and pregnancy. Secondly, some couples consider the use of condoms during this period as an aesthetically sound procedure.
  • Sex on the first day of menstruation and the subsequent “bloody days” spent under the shower is the best option. So you do not have to clean the soiled clothes, and getting on the body, the blood will immediately be washed off.

We recommend to read the article about what can threaten sex during menstruation. From it you will learn whether it is allowed to do during menstruation, the relationship between menstruation and sex, about the nature of menstruation after the first sex.

Can I get pregnant?

Based on your own practice, you can get pregnant on any day: on the first day of the cycle, in the middle and at the end. Of course, the probability of conception is maximum from 12 to 17 days of the cycle, but this mostly concerns women with a “perfect” 28-day cycle without any failures and disruptions in the endocrine organs.

As for women with a cycle of 21, 30-35 days or more, it is rather difficult to predict ovulation without using special methods. Moreover, the same woman can have ovulation in different months on different days - at 12, 14, 21 others. Or even the egg can come out of the ovary with a regularity of 1 time in 2 months (while maintaining the normal menstrual cycle), and sometimes two ovulations at once with a difference of several days, as a result, twins appear.

Making love is a pleasant and useful occupation for both partners. All the joy and pleasure from intimate relationships can only be felt by a person (although some other types of monkeys and dolphins do “this” for the sake of pleasure). But any actions on the part of men and women should be for the sake of health, and not contrary to it. Therefore, you should still think about whether it is safe to have sex during menstruation, as it seems. After all, abstinence in a few days will only increase the desire and sweetness of the orgasm.

Is it possible to have sex on the first day of menstruation? Guessing on monthly. Please note: if you have a question for an obstetrician-gynecologist, ask him in the consultation section with a doctor.

Why there is a mistaken opinion that fertilization during menstruation is impossible. Can I get pregnant on the first day of menstruation? Doctors say the risk is minimal.

We recommend to read an article about safe sex on the first day of menstruation. From it you will learn about whether there is a threat during the occupation of love these days, the opinion of doctors, the rules of hygiene and the possibility of pregnancy.

And the first reaction - the delay of menstruation after the first sex. She has several explanations. Circumstances that delay critical days may be present simultaneously.

And most importantly: sex the day before menstruation is the period when it is almost impossible to conceive. . This can disrupt the hormonal background in the body and provoke deviations in how menses go after the first time.

Especially safe sex is considered by many on the eve of menstruation, for 2 - 3 days. But is it? . The risk of pregnancy on the eve of menstruation, in the first or last days is from 3 to 10%.

How dangerous is it?

The question of whether it is possible to make love during menstruation worries many. For example, in some world cultures or religions it is strictly forbidden for couples to have sex at the time of critical days. However, this does not mean that such contacts can damage a woman or adversely affect her health. Sexual acts are usually perfectly safe in the last days of menstruation.

As for the possibility of conceiving a child during menstruation, this is extremely rare. If a couple is not ready to become parents in the near future, then it is worth being protected even during this period. 100% guarantee that sex during menstruation will be reliable contraception, no.

When talking about strict prohibitions of sexual contact during menstruation, then the main role is played by the release of menstrual blood and all the myths that are associated with it. A popular stereotype says that the discharge of blood from the female body symbolizes all the unclean things that need to be hidden, so you should have sex before menstruation or after them. However, in reality there is nothing to be ashamed of, since the discharge during menstruation is the natural fluid of the female body. It is in no way capable of harming either the female or male genital organs.

Another thing is when one of the partners has a sexually transmitted disease. This is especially dangerous if the carrier does not know about his illness and can, in unprotected contact, transmit the virus or bacteria to another. It is worth noting that women during menstruation are particularly susceptible to various diseases. The fact is that the cervix during menstruation should be slightly ajar, so that large portions of blood and epithelial clots can freely go out. As for the inner surface of the uterus, there is no protective coating, so this organ becomes excessively susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

If your partner has a venereal disease, then the menstrual blood will become an intermediary who will transfer the virus to the man. This applies not only venereal diseases, but other diseases that are transmitted through the blood. At the same time, during menstruation, the probability of infection is significantly greater than during sexual contact at regular times.

For this reason, it is better to use a condom during sexual intercourse during menstruation. This will not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also allow the partner to protect against infection, the danger of which is high due to the fact that the pelvic organs in this period become particularly vulnerable. Before engaging in unprotected sex, each partner must be checked for dangerous diseases that can be transmitted sexually or through blood.

One of the dangers of sexual contact during menstruation is that a considerable amount of blood can be thrown into the fallopian tubes and a number of other organs adjacent to the uterus that threaten the development of endometriosis. This disease is manifested by the growth of the endometrium of the uterus in those places where it should not be. We are talking about the urethra, abdominal organs and intestines.

This disease can be extremely dangerous and lead to infertility of the woman. With late treatment, endometriosis becomes the cause of many problems, the solution of which will require surgical intervention. In most cases, endometriosis is treated with hormone therapy, but this does not always give the desired effect.

To exclude the possibility of discharge of blood discharge from the uterus, make love during menstruation is recommended very carefully and slowly. At a time when the allocation is particularly abundant, it is necessary to completely abandon sexual contact and reduce the number of physical exertion. It is forbidden to rock the press, lift legs and heavy loads.

The effect of sexual intercourse on the cycle

Women who have already tried sex during menstruation are aware that discharge usually ends on the day of sexual contact. This applies even to those situations where the blood had to go for 2-3 days. Some are afraid of this, because they believe that the menstrual flow has not come out completely and can harm the body. In fact, there is nothing to fear.

The situation is such that during an intimate affinity with a woman, the uterus is much more active. In turn, menstruation is to rid the uterus of the endometrium that forms in it. Orgasm gives such a powerful effect, in which the force of contraction of the body increases significantly. This leads to the fact that from the female body faster menstrual fluid comes out, which becomes the cause of the earlier end of menstruation.

Male seminal fluid may also affect the intensity of uterine contraction. The semen contains prostaglandin, which provokes an accelerated release of female blood.

Sex during menstruation

Specialists have a mixed opinion as to whether sex is possible during menstruation: some consider that it is extremely harmful, and sexual intercourse during this period should be completely abandoned.

This statement is correct first of all in relation to those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who have a weak immune system. If the partner is prone to infection with infectious diseases, she should heed the recommendations of experts.

A man should take care of his woman and in every way possible to protect her. If sex for a woman during menstruation can be dangerous, it is worth waiting for a more suitable moment. Gynecologists strongly recommend using condoms for couples who practice sex during menstruation.

Deep penetrations should be avoided so that the woman does not have any unpleasant sensations. Moreover, too abrupt and active movements lead to abundant blood excretion, and this can be dangerous.

What you should know

If a man and a woman decided on a similar experiment, then you can have sex during menstruation only subject to certain rules. First of all it concerns the posture for mating. From the recommendations of couples who have similar experience, it can be judged that it is most convenient to use the usual missionary position. In this case, you can achieve not only the maximum pleasure, but also significantly reduce the amount of menstrual blood.

If you have sex during menstruation, then a man should control the depth of penetration in order not to deliver unpleasant sensations to her partner. The fact is that the cervix during the period of menstruation somewhat changes its location, so a woman may experience pain. If a woman feels uncomfortable or worries her unpleasant feeling during intimacy, you should not tolerate. This must be immediately reported to the partner and the interruption of sexual contact.

Hygiene rules

Those couples who decide to experiment and have sex at a time when a woman is given menstrual blood should choose the right place for intimate intimacy. Compliance with hygiene rules on critical days is somewhat difficult. Complicating the situation is blood vaginal discharge.

If the couple chose their bed for intercourse, you need to stock up on towels that will not stain the sheets and the mattress with blood.

A good option would be sexual contact in the shower. Thus, a man and a woman may feel pleasure, but remain clean. Sex in the soul is considered an excellent option for those who are tired of routine and sexual acts only in bed. The main thing is that the shower cabin was designed for two people, and the couple did not feel any discomfort.

With regard to time for making love during menstruation, then it is worth remembering that the bulk of bleeding occurs in the first 3 days of menstruation. It is best to select one of the following days for sexual contact. At this time, blood is released in small quantities, and the risk of pregnancy is still very low.

If a bedroom and a matrimonial bed were chosen for sexual intercourse, it is best to engage in intimate intimacy at night. By the features of the female body is irrelevant. It is just that in many people the appearance of blood can cause the opposite of arousal.

After sex, you must immediately go to the shower to wash off all the remaining liquid. The excretions will necessarily be present on the bodies of both partners, as well as on toys, if they were used by them during the act.

Medical recommendations

At a time when a woman starts menstruating, she may experience a strong attraction to her partner. This is an opportune moment for discoveries in the couple's sex life.

An additional bonus for a woman is the reduction in the duration of critical days. Often, sexual contact can relieve the pain that occurs when the endometrium is rejected from the uterus.

It is impossible not to note the fact that many couples in the period when women go through periods find for themselves other ways of receiving pleasure that exclude traditional penetration. As a result, sex life becomes more diverse.

It should be noted first of all that the answer to the question of whether to have sex during menstruation, each couple finds for themselves. Для этого нужно учесть физиологические особенности каждого партнера, эстетические пристрастия и религиозные убеждения. Все это необходимо принять во внимание и обсудить с партнером.

С медицинской точки зрения сексуальные контакты лучше отложить на более благоприятный период и дождаться полного прекращения кровяных выделений. Это существенно снизит риск развития патологии в женском организме и возможность инфицирования. Most of the doctors are against sexual intercourse during menstruation, but if you tolerate unbearable, intimacy is possible.

The possibility of conception

In any female body, the time of ovulation is different. What is ovulation? This is the period of the cycle, when the egg matures, must meet with the sperm and fertilize.

Just at the time of ovulation, pregnancy is as possible. Spermatozoa, entering the body of a woman after sexual contact, can survive there for a week. Therefore, fertilization is unlikely directly during menstruation, and after them it is quite possible.

Menstrual cycle

For 1 day or 2 day of menstruation

Can a girl get pregnant during her period? The first days are the safest in terms of not conceiving.

The reason is simple:

  • the woman's body is updated, the level of hormones is minimal, the endometrium is actively rejected,
  • sperm are simply prevented from penetrating the genital tube,
  • if the male reproductive cells do encounter an egg cell, it will have no place to gain a foothold.

So the risk of conception is minimal.

What days are safe?

Days 1 and 2 are the safest. By and large, during the red days even lovemaking is not so pleasant. By itself, the female body, as if says "no, not time."

But the last days of menstruation are more dangerous. If during this period the sperm reaches its destination and lives there before ovulation, then during ovulation the conception will occur. Although formally it all started with the last days of menstruation.

Safe days of the menstrual cycle

What is the probability?

There are times when getting pregnant during these days is possible. The following situations are quite likely:

  1. The first case - a sperm cell, which was ingested by a woman during her period, existed there and waited for ovulation. The result - the connection with the egg. The result is a pregnancy.
  2. Sexual intercourse was a week or less than a week before menstruation. Here is the case: a few days before ovulation, the spermatozoa that were in the fallopian tubes enter the uterine cavity. And it will happen just during ovulation. From a formal point of view, everything will look exactly as if the pregnancy had arisen during menstruation. But in fact, it happened before.
  3. There is such a phenomenon when 2 eggs mature at the same time. That is, as they say, one did not work, but there is no guarantee that the spermatozoon will not be fertilized with the second. The reason for this may be irregular intimacy, heredity, again, hormonal disruptions.

Hormonal disbalance

Hormonal disorders can occur in that, for example, ovulation and menstruation occur simultaneously. Starting even with low probability, but it happens. And it seems like sex was on these days, and on other days it was not there. However, in fact, the conception most likely happened in the middle of the previous cycle. In fact, bleeding is already happening for another reason. And the pregnancy continues.

Possible delay of menstruation due to hormonal failure. In this case, you can call the monthly with the help of special drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Violation of contraceptive use

Everything is simple here. You did not take contraceptives a few days before your period. What is the chance to get pregnant during your period? It is during this period that the risk of pregnancy is maximum. And if fertilization has occurred, taking contraceptives will not affect anything.

Deviation from the schedule of taking pills is the time equal to 12 hours. If the drug was not taken during these hours, you will have to use other methods of protection.

If there is a spiral

It's no secret that the helix is ​​one of the possible contraceptives. It operates on several points:

  • inhibits the progress of sperm into the uterus,
  • reduces the life of the egg,
  • interferes with the attachment of a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus.

But 100 percent say that the spiral will protect against unwanted pregnancy, it is impossible.

Can a woman become pregnant during menstruation in the presence of a spiral:

  1. The first reason why the answer to the question will be “yes” is the incorrect installation of the spiral.
  2. The second is the manufacturer. Substandard product does not work fully.

In practice, cases are more often illustrated when among women with an established helix, those who have a helix cost less than a year are more likely to become pregnant.

Is it really worth having sex during this period?

Of course, there are couples who consider sex during menstruation, the safest in terms of avoiding unwanted pregnancies and taking advantage of this.

But all is not well:

  1. Firstly, during menstruation, the risk of sexually transmitted infections increases in a woman’s body, as the defenses are reduced.
  2. Secondly, there is a risk of reflux - when blood coming from the uterus returns to the abdominal cavity. And this is fraught with the proliferation of the walls of the uterus.

Therefore, from a medical point of view, it is believed that during the red days it is better not to enter into sexual intercourse.

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation?

There is no unequivocal answer to the question "can you have sex during menstruation". Sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle is not approved in many religions and cultures. More recently, sex during menstruation was considered unacceptable. Today, many gynecologists talk about the benefits of having sex in this period. Sex during the menstruation period is considered absolutely healthy and completely normal.

Sexologists conducted a series of studies and concluded that the sexual attraction of each woman depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Every woman the power of sexual desire during menstruation is completely different. Some women during menstruation completely have no desire for a man, and someone feels an urgent need for sex. Since the sensitivity of a woman during her period increases significantly, she can experience those sensations that she did not experience during normal intercourse. Due to the fact that the vagina during the menstrual cycle is highly hydrated, the woman does not experience the discomfort that sometimes appears during intercourse on any other day. Sexual intercourse contributes to the production of endorphin (pleasure hormone) in a woman’s body, which improves mood and muffles pain. Many women confirm that sexual intercourse during the menstrual period really helps to reduce cramps and menstrual cramps. Orgasm relieves discomfort that occurs during menstruation. After intimacy, most women feel a surge of strength and relief. Contractions of the uterus during orgasm significantly reduce the menstrual period, contribute to the displacement of the endometrium and its exit through the vagina.

But it should be remembered that the cervix is ​​slightly ajar during menstruation, so any bacteria from the vagina can easily penetrate into the uterine cavity. In this case, the blood will act as a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogens. Therefore, during sexual intercourse during this period it is best to use a condom. During intercourse during menstruation, it is not recommended to use a cervical cap or diaphragm. Such methods of contraception will contribute to the accumulation of menstrual blood, which can lead to the emergence of toxic shock syndrome in a woman.

Common Myths

In the question of whether you can have sex during menstruation, a lot of myths. For example, it is believed that during the period of menstruation it is impossible to get pregnant. The onset of pregnancy during the menstrual cycle is possible, but unlikely. During the period of menstruation, the mucous membrane of the uterus, which was formed in preparation for the onset of pregnancy, is removed from the female body. If the pregnancy has not occurred, the unused endometrium and unfertilized egg are removed from the uterus through the vagina. This means that there is no mucous membrane and egg for fertilization.

However, it should be remembered that the sperm in the reproductive system of a woman can exist for about three days. And since in some women ovulation may occur at the very end of the menstrual cycle, spermatozoa during this period may still be able to fertilize an egg cell.

It should also not be forgotten that if a woman is a carrier of STDs, her vaginal secretions and menstrual blood will contain bacteria that cause various sexually transmitted diseases. During menstruation, many women also activate the herpes virus, and therefore the risk of transmission of this virus to the sexual partner increases significantly.

Reasons to refuse sex during menstruation

Algomenorrhea is a good reason for refusing sex during menstruation. Algomenorrhea is called menstrual dysfunction. This violation is accompanied by severe malaise, cramping or aching pain in the lower abdomen, in the lumbar, sacral region. In 60-80% of women with algomenorrhea, pain is moderate. 10% of the pain is quite strong. They affect the working ability and overall well-being of women.

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Is it possible to have sex during menstruation: myths and real facts

Let's look at six myths, delusions or stupidities (in general, this nonsense can be called whatever you like) about why you should have sex when menstruation began. I will try to do without excessive cleverness. After all, if girls clearly explain the subtleties of sex life on such days, they will finally stop thinking about whether you can have sex during menstruation, and this is already a minus one global issue that prevents many modern ladies from living in peace. Well, my good, let's get started.

Myth number 1: sexual intercourse during menstruation is safe for health.

This is really a myth of pure water. And it's not just a shattering of the nervous system of a woman who cannot relax, fearing to stain expensive bed linen, a partner or, for example, freshly painted walls. Sex during menstruation does not destroy the lady's psyche, but her female health.

During this period, the risk of an inflammatory disease increases. After all, all microorganisms that have come into the vagina and are feeling well in menstrual blood can, with proximity, very cleverly move into the uterus, having done a lot of bad things there. Why do they not penetrate into the uterine cavity on ordinary days? The fact is that during menstruation, the cervix opens slightly and what could not get into the middle part of the female reproductive system on other days easily slips into it when menstruation occurs. And at this time, the epithelium of the cervix becomes very loose, which also contributes to a better penetration of harmful microorganisms. In addition, some experts say that on such days the likelihood of a woman becoming infected with various hidden infections increases.

Surely, reading about the microorganisms that are contained in the secretions, you decided that the problem can be solved if the partner uses a condom. Yes, so the risk of catching lady inflammatory disease significantly reduced. But women's health is ruined not only by microbes, but also by reflux - a current of substances (refluxate) in the opposite direction from the natural direction. That is, when a partner puts a penis into his beloved woman, regardless of whether he is wearing a condom or not, the penis begins to prevent the output of menstrual blood by pushing it inwards.

Where does this blood go with the cells of the tissues of the inner layer of the uterine wall? For information, this layer is called endometrium. So, blood with endometrial cells, part of which is rejected along with an unfertilized egg, passes through the fallopian tubes and enters the abdominal cavity. After that, the cells begin to take root, which ultimately leads to the growth of the endometrium beyond the permissible limits. This pathological growth is called endometriosis. Often, endometriosis has to be treated surgically. But women should not first of all be frightened by an operation, but the fact that endometriosis can permanently deprive them of the opportunity to conceive and give birth to a baby.

Myth number 2: sex during menstruation relieves the pain of a female character

Girls who experience pain during menstruation are particularly interested in whether you can have sex during menstruation. Many friends advise them to have sex during menstruation. They "rub" in trusting girls about any hormones secreted there during sexual intercourse, which supposedly relieve pain immediately and so on. Actually, having sex through pain is stupid. Firstly, it only increases discomfort. Secondly, there is no point in hoping for miraculous power in algomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, in the case of which women develop pain during the menstrual period.

Most often, algodysmenorrhea, as well as secondary dysmenorrhea, making itself felt painful during menstruation, is a consequence of the development of inflammation in the genitals that cannot be cured with sex. Moreover, these inflammatory processes often occur precisely because of sexual activity during menstruation. Both of the described pathological processes, characterized by severe pain in the lower abdomen, may indicate the occurrence of endometriosis. And we know that having sex when menstruation takes place and leads to its development. So stop trying to get rid of painful menstruation with sex. It will only aggravate the inflammatory processes or cause endometriosis, and with it the pain that will appear during consolation and acts of defecation.

If you want to relieve pain during menstruation, go not to bed with your partner, but to the doctor's office, where the latter will figure out why the discomfort has arisen, and prescribe the correct treatment. At best, you can help various drugs that have antiprostaglandin action, analgesics, tranquilizers, combined oral contraceptives. But if the cause of the pain is endometriosis, then it may not be medication, but surgery. Therefore, never treat the pain that occurred during menstruation, sex, because there is a huge probability that they arose precisely because you did not refuse to practice love during your period.

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation or the third myth about the best method of contraception

Women often consider sex during menstruation as a natural method of contraception. They say that the egg has rejected, there is nothing to be fertilized, so that you can make "bloody jumps" without thinking about protection. And in fact, even though the probability of getting pregnant during menstruation and decreases, it can not be completely excluded. In addition, "fly into" from sex when menstruation, can be for several reasons.

So, the girl for one cycle could easily mature two eggs. They ripen with a small temporary difference. And when the lady saw the blood discharge that occurred during the rejection of the first egg, and decided to have sex, she must understand that she has a risk of getting pregnant when the second gamete leaves the follicle, which will die after a day or two.

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation and not to “fly into the air” for girls who have not ripened two eggs at once? It is not difficult to get pregnant during menstruation, when they are irregular and the menstrual cycle is not established, as a result of which early ovulation may occur. She sometimes comes to women with a normal menstrual cycle, whose body has experienced an overload (stress, diet, etc.).

It turns out that, having sex in the first days of menstruation, you can get pregnant in the last days of menstruation, which occurred early ovulation. To conceive, having sex that occurred during menstruation, it is not necessary to face too early ovulation. If the monthly go for a long time, and unprotected sex took place closer to their end, then fertilization can easily take place on the 12-14 day from the onset of menstruation, that is, when an egg must go out. How so? The point is nimble, cunning and tenacious sperm that can wait an egg in the body of a woman up to 11 days. So, not wanting to become a mom soon, do not risk having sex during the month without using other natural methods of contraception.

Myth number 4: having sex during menstruation will suit poorly wetted ladies

Probably, such a myth is spread by those people who have never tried to have sex during menstruation. They have the following associative row: blood - moisture - lubricant - good glide. Yes, of course, the blood is wet (until it dries), but it has nothing to do with the lubricant that is released during sex.

Let's not go into the wilds and consider what constitutes a lubricant, blood, etc. It is enough just to realize that the blood consistency is much thinner than the natural female lubricant, so it will not solve the problem of insufficient moisture. Expecting that the partner’s penis will easily slide into the vagina due to the abundance of blood is as ridiculous as trying to moisten a woman with tap water.

Myth number 5: sex during menstruation will help keep her husband

A number of women are engaged in sex with menstruation with partners, worrying that otherwise their “supermen” will go to others.But if a woman does not love herself so much and does not appreciate that she is ready to risk her health in order to satisfy the second half, then, most likely, her husband will also cease to love and appreciate her. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say that if we love ourselves, then others will begin to feel similar feelings towards us. In addition, a partner with female diseases that can cause sex during menstruation, becomes less desirable for many men. And at your leisure, think about who you chose as a companion, if you have to fear that in the absence of vaginal sex for several days, the faithful, waving his “tail,” will flee to a more compliant lady.

So, never try to keep a husband with “menstrual sex” - he is not worth it. And most often the partner himself does not even want such comfort, considering them repulsive. If you really really want to please your partner during your period, do it with the help of oral sex or petting. You can, of course, offer and anal, but the safety of this type of sex is also very doubtful, especially if it is practiced by inexperienced people in this case.

Myth number 6: sex during menstruation - the brightest fantasy of men

Men who are encouraged by sex during menstruation do exist. For example, this is indicated by hot videos of a certain nature, which are released for someone. But the fact that such a fantasy stirs the minds and bodies of all the guys and is the most exciting - utter nonsense. A number of men do not even want to touch ladies with menstruation, considering such women to be dirty, and their blood is bad.

Some women decide to have sex during menstruation only because they heard a partner’s desire to play role-playing games, in which their half must be reincarnated as a virgin. And then the ladies begin to wait for the right days, so that everything is as natural as possible, sometimes shocking their men who want to see the usual shy girl with pigtails and bows. For example, it is unlikely that a woman who wanted her man to reincarnate in a brutal plumber, will be delighted if he gets used to the role so that during sex will begin to pull out all the garbage from the pipes, poking everything under the nose of the hostess. So give up dirt, blood - better concentrate on the words, pick the right clothes, etc.

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation if you follow the rules

As already mentioned, sex to engage in menstruation is impossible. The only thing you can do is minimize the consequences that may arise from such recklessness. For example, when using vaginal sex, use a normal condom. Such a barrier method of contraception will reduce the risk of developing inflammatory diseases, as well as prevent unwanted pregnancy. If you are afraid of inflammation and endometriosis, you can try using female condoms (femidoms) during menstruation.